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Effects of X-ray exposure on upcoming pregnancies

Recently we had a little fight with my girlfriend about the risks of genetic diseases for our potential baby. The thing is that she had her medical check recently and it included an X-ray examination ...
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When do 3 germ layers form in embryo? And why is there only one mature egg formed?

During the process of pregnancy, when do the 3 germ layers form in embryo? Is it after formation of gastrula? Also, during oogenesis, why does only one mature egg form? Why don't use polar body egg ...
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How do harsh conditions cause an increase in the male birth ratio?

I've heard that in harsh conditions more human baby boys are born than girls because a bigger ratio of them will die before reproductive age. But in which aspects of the random gene combination while ...
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When is the second polar body extruded from the egg nucleus?

When does the second polar body gets expelled from the egg nucleus during oogenesis ? I know that it occurs after the entry of the sperm into the secondary oocyte but does it occur before the ...
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How does the genetic material differ between dizygotic twins and ordinary siblings?

I am going to give a rough presentation on twin studies. The terms heritability and concordance are included already, but I struggle with understanding the difference of the genetic material of ...
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Is secondary follicle or Graafian follicle arrested in the second metaphase of oogenesis?

My note about which I am not sure: Secondary oocyte is arrested in the metaphase II monthly after puberty until fertilization with sperm. The following picture also satisfies my sentence: . So ...
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How do you see the stage of the second meiotic arrest in oogenesis in the given video?

My old question raised this new question. After reading this page I can say now that metaphase is the stage in which the second meiotic arrest occurs within oogenesis: The oocyte is arrested again ...
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At what stage of meiosis does "first meiotic arrest of oogenesis" occur?

An exam question asked what stage of meiosis corresponds with "first meiotic arrest of oogenesis". I can't work out the answer from the wiki page - can anyone explain which step this refers to?
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