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Occurring halfway through the menstrual cycle, ovulation is the release of an egg.

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What is the actual mechanism of the birth control pill?

I've been trying to figure out through online sources (I don't own any medical textbooks) what the exact mechanism behind the birth control pill (henceforth "the pill") is, and I am often ...
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How does the female body sense its own pregnancy?

I understand that after the fertilized ovum attached in the uterus the female body will not produce the required hormone surge for ovulation the next month. Therefore no new ovum will be sent down the ...
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Why clotting does not occur during Menstruation

As we know when we get injured our body's clotting systems stop the bleeding. So why does it take days for menstruation to stop ?
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Can ovulation and menstruation occur simultaneously?

Is that possible that ovulation happens in the time of actual menstrual haemorrhage in human females - let say in a case that woman has 21 day cycle and her menstrual period is 7 days? If yes, does ...
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Alternating Ovulation

I have often heard that right and left ovaries alternate in releasing ovum. Is it always true? What controls this rhythm? Is it simply because the other ovary is unresponsive to LH or FSH? If so, why?...
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