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Questions tagged [peer-review-journal]

Journal where experts from the field (peers) of a submitted article review the article prior to publication. They decide what happens to the article, if it needs to be supplemented with further experiments, re-phrased or be rejected. When the article needs to be revised they decide if the revision is ok and recommend the acceptance or rejection to the journal.

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Why does Porous-tube Nutrient Delivery System cultivation improve nutritional quality of Okinawa spinach (Gyruna bicolor)?

I wrote a review paper and it involves in growth system of a plant “Okinawa Spinach (Gynura bicolor)”. A research of (Wang, Fu, & Liu, 2015) reported that Porous-tube Nutrient Delivery System (...
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Which data source gives the present status of research in extending human lifespan? [closed]

I have seen this book in Springer: The Future Of Aging (Pathways to human life extension) That book seems to be of 2010; I am not finding any such new books, giving data on the present status of the ...
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Are there official criteria for an experiment to be considered statistically robust for publication in a decent scientific journal?

For a high school project, I investigated the effect of breathing meditation on teenagers. 15 students were asked to follow specific directions and meditate for 10 minutes a day for 8 weeks. Each week,...
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A compound was proposed by error but then showed very good inhibitory properties. How to argue this in a manuscript?

In a project, we performed some virtual screening calculations in order to predict inhibitors, and then purchased the compounds and tested them in the lab. One of them was a very good TK inhibitor (...
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20 votes
3 answers

How statistically significant was the "sweaty T-shirt" experiment?

An Overview of the Experiment. In 1995 there was an experiment that involves young people smelling T-shirts worn by another gender and rating their preference. The researchers found that people ...
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Are there journals for theoretical models of protein-protein interactions?

Are there respectable scientific journals for publishing models of protein-protein interactions obtained by docking simulations? I would also discuss the biological significance of the particular mode ...
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What are the requirements for a spectrometer to be used in biological research?

Suppose one would do spectrophotometry on biological materials. What would be the minimum requirements for the measuring device so that the results could be published in a reputable journal? I suppose ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Nature Scientific Reports vs. BMC Genomics

I do not know if this question to suitable here or not. I posted it as I think biologists can help me in this question. If not suitable here, then I am sorry for that. I have written paper which I ...
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Is the Andraka pancreatic cancer test real?

In the wikipedia article about Andraka's pancreatic cancer test there are some controversial statements. On one hand there are many glorious words about the method, also some awards, also some ...
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List authors (scientists) by various attribute

Is there an easy way to list authors of biology articles by University country number of published articles sum of citations of all articles he/she wrote fields of study (population genetics) ... ...
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