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What is the biological pathway for the biodegradation of DDT (pesticide)?

There are various micro organisms which can degrade DDT. Which micro organism is most frequently used for biodegradation of DDT and what is the metabolic pathway by which DDT is degraded?
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Help identifying insect

I live in Milan, Italy in the city center. I started seeing this insect in August after a long vacation. In this periods the temperature inside the house went up to 36°C (temperatures here range from -...
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What is the most frequently occurring health problem of rodents caused by the usage of pesticides on the agricultural fields in the United States?

For centuries the mankind has used pesticides to protect its crops but within the last century the pesticides have become more artificial and toxic. It is a well known fact that most of the pesticides ...
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How plausible is it that pesticides and mosquito spraying is affecting insect populations?

I live in Massachusetts and I notice that there are a lot fewer bugs than when I was a child. 40 years ago if you drove around for 4 or 5 hours in the summer the grill of your car would collect a ...
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Do ants have a "stay away" signal?

Last night I discovered many ants entering my house through a window with an imperfect seal. I placed a poison ant bait on the window sill and within seconds they were feasting on it. This morning I ...
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