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Mercury intoxication in cats

I was not sure if this question is more appropriated to be here or in Pets Exchange. I'm posting here first. I accidentally broke a thermometer in my bedroom and, by my lack of attention, have spread ...
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question about cat's claws?

ok so I went and read this website: So I have some questions to ask: how many times does a cat has ...
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Why do cats sleep in a curled up position?

I've noticed that cats will usually sleep curled up like ball, heads down and titled, with tails near their face. Is there any specific reason that cats would have a tendency to sleep this way?
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Why are dogs so selective about choosing a spot to defecate?

Anybody who walks a dog knows that dogs are normally selective about choosing a spot to defecate. They sniff around for a long time, while I just want to be on my way. I understand about marking ...
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Is it safe to feed an adult fire salamander with slime maggots? [closed]

As a reminder, maggots feed of a flesh, while fire salamander consumes his prey alive, without killing it. Can it happen that the maggot will start eating the salamander from the inside?
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Why do dog's eyes glow green on a photo?

Taking my current profile picture as a prominent example: This photo has been taken with flash. As I gather, this is the same effect that makes a human's eyes glow red on photos, namely the ...
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Can pets catch the cold?

Last night I was drying my cat with a towel after shenanigans in the rain and she sneezed! Questions Can cats/dogs/hamsters or other pets catch the cold? How quickly do they recover?
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Why can cats interpret things on a monitor/tv, but dogs cannot?

E.g. you can see a lot of videos where cats are smashing some mouse or spider on an ipad, but I have never seen it with a dog. I have a dog myself and I know that he sometimes responds to the sounds ...
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