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Questions pertaining to periodic life cycle events, and how these are affected by the external environment, climatic variation and weather fluctiations.

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What does this mean? [closed]

The phenotypic ratio of dihybrid cross 9:3:3:1 can be derived as a combination series 3 yellow: 1 green, with 3 round :1 wrinkled. This derivation can be writtenbas follows: (3 round :1 wrinkled) (...
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Can diet, supplementation and/or drugs affect sexual dimorphism?

After puberty, can certain diets, exercise, and/or possible drugs affect masculine/feminine dimorphism in adults? We know dimorphism and/or morphology is a product of genes, but to what extent can ...
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How are the dominance and additive effects reflected in the mean and variance of the offsprings of two individuals with known phenotype?

If I estimated the genetic additive σ2A, genetic dominance σ2D and environmental effect σ2E of a trait in a population, what will be the predicted value of the offsprings of two individuals with known ...
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Why do pink rain lilies flower only after rains, and not from being watered?

We have pink rain lilies (Zephyranthes carinata) in the garden. In my personal experience, I've found that they always flower, without exception, shortly after rains. However, there are roughly ten ...
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How to estimate heritability from breeding data

I have a lot of plant-breeding data (tens of thousands of results) that are composed of phenotypes of parents and offspring. The plants however went trough years of selection and it is not balanced. ...
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What is the meaning of "within-season variation"?

I am reading a paper about phenology and climate change for my assignment and I found this concept "within-season variation", can someone explain it to me? and how it is related to changes over time?
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What triggers the migration of robins?

I live in central Massachusetts, and have begun seeing robins, as we generally do in early March. The temperature is well below normal, though, and three feet of snow are covering the still-frozen ...
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How is the reflectance spectrum of solids measured?

I was reading this question about autumn leaf colors. One of the answers refers to an article by Archetti et al. In the article, box 4 (page 5) shows the reflectance spectra of leaves of different ...
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What determines the autumn leaf color?

It is autumn out there. Green, brown, red, yellow, and mixed-colored leaves drop from the trees to the ground. What determines the colors of the leaves? Wikipedia tells me Leaf senescence is the ...
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About validation process of phenological study

I have recently done a phenological study using remote sensing techniques. Now I need to validate my results and my methods, that is, to determine if the phenology estimated from remote sensing is ...
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How do animals/plants change for each season? [closed]

The question pretty much sums it up. How do animals/plants change for each: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter? A detailed explanation on distinct behaviour and appearance changes would be nice.
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What controls leaf senescence in deciduous tree species, and how can I predict it?

If I want to predict litterfall, what data do I need to collect, and what statistical model might I use? For example, I might use the following coding to record phenological stage every other day, or ...
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What mechanisms tell temperate trees when to drop leaves?

I've been looking around and cannot find a definite answer on what it is that tells trees to change their metabolism and drop leaves. I see that such activity is called Deciduous. What interests me ...
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