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the interval in a 24-hour period during which a plant or animal is exposed to light. Use this tag in questions regarding the responses of plants (or animals) to photoperiods i.e. photoperiodism and the study of such responses.

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What external signals do tell catadromous fish to go from the sea to the rivers?

What signals do tell catadromous fish to go from the sea to the rivers? Is it photoperiodicity? Are there any other signals?
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Does photosynthesis begin instantly when a plant is exposed to light?

I'm curious to know if the process of photosynthesis has a "ramp-up" time to become useful to a plant, or if it begins instantaneously when the plant is exposed to light after a period of darkness. ...
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Effect of interruption of photoperiod in a short day plant

When a short day plant is exposed to its critical period of darkness it flowers. But when it is exposed to a small period of red light which exceeds the critical period it doesn't flower. But when it ...
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Total dark deprivation at day-neutral plants

First of all, I am not a biologist. Almost for a week, a question has come to my mind: "Is it harmful ceaselessly exposing a plant to light?" (I mean with natural & artificial light ...
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How to seek information on the duration of biological entrainment processes in mammals? [closed]

This is a question that is a little bit hard to define for me. I'm interested in learning more about times of "attractor/entrainment" processes that may take place in the body/brain of mammals, and ...
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What light intensity determines the start/end of a photoperiod in humans?

I'm reading this article, which discusses the influence of Long Photoperiod (LP) and Short Photoperiod (SP) on melatonin production: HIOMT drives the photoperiodic changes in the amplitude of the ...
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