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Questions tagged [phycology]

For question about algae. Phycology or Algology is discussion about algae

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How large giant kelp can grow?

The giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera, Laminariales) is the largest extant species of (brown) algae. Yet, there are many different claims about how large this species can grow. Of course, I am aware ...
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Why are fungi and algae microbes?

Both fungi and algae have very small cells but so do most animals. Yet both of them are visible to naked eye just like other organisms. Why do we call them as microorganisms then ?
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What is this whitish jelly-like substance on a branch?

I came across this whitish jelly-like substance hanging on a fallen branch. I assume it was growing there and I feel like it might be a fungus or algae of some sort, or maybe an egg sack. I was hiking ...
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What is this green micro-organism found living in water?

I study biology in France and experiment on water filtration with plants. I found that some chlorophyll-containing micro-organisms (about 10 micrometers in length) were raised in my basin. I can't ...
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How to track bacteria/ protozoa, unicellular algae in big volumes?

Is there any special cameras and dyes? If I want to track migration/motion of them in 0.1-0.5 cubic metres.
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Why are chromatophore in phaeyophycae chloroplasts integrated within the endoplasmic reticulum?

Why are chromatophore in phaeyophycae chloroplast integrated within the endoplasmic reticulum? While reading about phaeyophycae I came across this point, but couldn't figure out why and what could be ...
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Filamentous algae - what exactly am I looking at?

I have just taken some images with my light microscope at 400x of (what I think is) some form of filamentous algae from a local pond. Now, I think I am looking at a single cell (centre) with some ...
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