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Does Thymoquinone give cedar its distinctive smell?

What chemical gives cedar wood its distinctive smell? Is it the same that gives Nigella sativa its cedar-like smell? Schreiner, Linda et al., “What Does Wood Smell like? Characterization of Odorants ...
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Can light destroy auxin?

In my biology textbook, it says that plants grow towards light because auxin is laterally transferred from the light side to the shaded side, so more auxin stimulates growth and hence the plant bends ...
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What are some good examples of phonotaxis in plants and other inanimate beings?

Reaction to the sound waves by plants is commonly unobserved. A physical movement or chemical release examples due to phonotaxis would be good to know about.
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Are Hsp70 proteins only activated in response to heat shock?

Hsp70 proteins are chaperones that assist in protein folding in my plant physiology textbook it says the Hsp70 proteins were discovered by inducing heat shock. But do they only work in response to ...
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What determines when plants grow?

I am interested in dryland ecosystems, and I am trying to find material on what determines the time at which plants in dryland ecosystems, either shrubs or grasses, grow and shoot? Is it only related ...
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Does the difference in the height of artificial lighting affects the height of the plants?

I have some plants living on artificial lighting. I've noticed the following in the following two plants of the same species: This one was grown with lamps very close to it (~10cm). This one ...
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What are the most intelligent plants?

For intelligence lets adapt the definition from here: Perception of the surrounding environment Adaptation to environmental conditions Communication (in the case of plants, through chemical ...
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