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Questions tagged [plasmids]

Often circular segments of DNA that can replicate outside of the chromosomes. Generally found in bacteria.

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How should I ship plasmids?

I shipped 10 µL of my vector miniprep to a collaborator in a 1.5 mL eppendorf parafilmed shut and stuffed into a 50 mL conical with some paper-towel padding. However, something happened on the way ...
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What are common causes of unexpected ligation products?

I digested two plasmids, one with EcoRI and AgeI and the other with EcoRI and XmaI. Digests looked as expected, so I purified the respective fragments and set up the T4 DNA ligation (AgeI and XmaI ...
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How to replace intron region in a plasmid?

I'm considering working with the plasmid pRFHUE-eGFP and would like to replace the gpdA intron (which is the eGFP promoter region) with a promoter from another organism. What would be a good strategy ...
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Plasmid choosing

To design a experiment in feeding of C. elegans. It has to choose a plasmid vector to insert the gene of interest that can feed to C. elegans. Many paper are using pL4440 for the feeding vector, ...
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Identifying Promoters in Non-homologous Sequences within the Same Organism

In this paper, the authors cloned a GPD promoter for use in driving a GFP gene from Lentinula edodes using a set of provided primers. The primers were derived from the following accession GQ457137.1 ...
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How to specify a promoter in de novo gene synthesis service?

I am trying to use a de novo gene synthesis service (Genscript) and one part confuses me: Where do I pick the choice of promoter? Or is the promoter choice automatic based on my plasmid choice? e.g....
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