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Examples of physiological differences between isolated & non-isolated individuals

I'm looking for examples of organisms (or biological units at some other scale, like cells) whose physical and/or behavioral properties develop differently depending on whether the individual is in ...
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The significance of haplotype blocks

I looked up haplotype blocks in Google Scholar, and the results returned seemed to show that almost all the relevant articles were published between 2001 and 2009, with almost nothing since 2010. Why ...
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What is the distribution of gene polymorphism levels across human genes?

Of the approximately 19,000 human genes, about how many have one allele that occurs with appreciable frequency in the current human population, how many have two alleles, and so on? (By "appreciable ...
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Chart of intra-species genetic diversity across species / phyla?

I am looking for information on how genetic diversity within a species (not between species) differs between taxa. In other words: Is the "spread" in the genetic pool, if measured, for instance, in ...
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What is the difference between nucleotide polymorphism (θ) and nucleotide diversity (π)?

In my population genetics book (see reference at bottom) they define them as: Nucleotide polymorphism (θ): proportion of nucleotide sites that are expected to be polymorphic in any sample of size 5 ...
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