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Do all bacterial cells have a double membrane?

I’m reading that gram positive and negative bacteria have an inner plasma membrane surrounding the cytoplasm, then a periplasmic space, then an outer membrane. How does this compare to my general ...
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Do all prokaryotes have ATP synthases and an electron transport chain?

I was looking this up and I'm wondering if so far I'm correct about the following: For the most part eukaryotes do aerobic respiration, which involves glycolysis, the Krebs cycle and oxidative ...
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EDTA in DNA extraction

I thought the EDTA solution binds to metal ions and deactivates the (metal-dependent) nuclease present in the cytoplasm which protects DNA from degradation. But I wondered how that would be the case ...
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Which extinction event killed the highest proportion of organisms?

The P-T extinction (a.k.a. the Great Dying) tends to be considered the worst - for example, Wikipedia states: It is the Earth's most severe known extinction event, with up to 96% of all marine ...
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Why are H+ ions pumped out instead of in during cellular respiration

During cellular respiration in both mitochondria and aerobic prokaryotes, the Electron Transport Chain pumps H+ ions out of the matrix or cytoplasm to create a H+ concentration gradient. This forces ...
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In what stage of bacterial growth can penicillin inhibit the growth of the cellular wall?

The bacterial growth has 3 main stages: lag-phase, log-phase and stationary phase. I was wondering in which one of them penicillin can inhibit the growth of the cellular wall of bacteria and why. I ...
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Why are plant cells rectangular and animal cells spherical shaped?

Is that because the plant cells have cell walls and animal cells don't, or is there a function performed by the different shapes? Perhaps round shapes assist the movement of cells?
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What is the Shine–Dalgarno sequence?

I am trying to understand the Shine–Dalgarno sequence. I currently know it is related to ribosomal binding sites, it is only found in prokaryote cells and it is in front of the initial codon. Also, ...
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Pros/cons: linear vs. circular DNA [duplicate]

Why did Eukaryotes evolve to have linear DNA and not circular like Prokaryotes? What are the pros and/or cons?
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Are 2A cleavage sites functional in bacteria?

In mammalian cell lines, 2A self-cleaving peptides are frequently used to for expression of multiple genes from a single transcript. They've got some issues, e.g., leaving some proteins as fusions, ...
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Does osmosis take place in prokaryotic cells?

As far as I know, osmosis occurs in Eukaryotic cells, and I'm wondering if it could take place in prokaryotic cells too.
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Why does the gc content deviate from 50% in prokaryotes

I have read quite some articles but I can't figure out the main reason for gc content deviation in prokaryotes. In eukaryotes I can understand it, because the genome isn't composed at random, like ...
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Does ribonuclease processing of pre-crRNAs happen co-transcriptionally?

I understand CRISPR-mediated bacterial immunity to occur in the following simplified steps: A CRISPR array is transcribed from promoters in the leader sequence to yield a precursor CRISPR RNA (pre-...
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Chemoautotrophic eukaryotic cells?

There are heterotrophic prokaryotes, and there are autotrophic prokaryotes. In the autotrophic prokaryotes category, there are photoautotrophic prokaryotes and chemotrophic prokaryotes. Are there ...
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The role of GC content in promoting or hindering transcription

This is quite a specific question, and I'm hoping someone might be able to assist in a literature hunt I've been engaged in for ages. I study some long bacterial operons, and have noticed that the GC%...
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What is prochromosome?

My textbook says that prochromosome is a false chromosome present in the nucleoid of prokaryotes. I looked up Wikipedia and all over internet and this word is kinda sus. So I'm asking about it here. ...
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The Ancient Kingdom of Monera

Why exactly were bacteria and archaea kingdoms separated from the now unused kingdom of Monera? Aren't they the same? They are both prokaryotes, so what is the difference?
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Are chromosomal and plasmid DNA in the nucleoid? [closed]

I know plasmid DNA is not part of the chromosome, according to my textbook, but can you still class it as being part of the nucleoid? Also is chromosomal DNA in the nucleoid?
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Why are archae and bacteria grouped into separate domains? [closed]

Archae and bacteria are both Prokaryotes. Why are they group into two separate domain?
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How can prokaryotes repair double strand breaks by homologous recombination if they're haploids?

Title says it all, I must be going crazy.
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Why don't mitochondria have plasmids?

According to the endosymbiotic theory, mitochondria are descended from specialised bacteria (probably purple nonsulfur bacteria) that somehow survived endocytosis by another species of prokaryote or ...
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What is bacterial (prokaryotic) cell division called?

Eukaryotic asexual cell division is sometimes referred to as mitosis, although this is more strictly used to refer to the specific stage at which “the replicated chromosomes separate into two new ...
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How Mitochondria differs from Prokaryotes(probably regarding energy production)? [closed]

In other words, what evolutionary advantage is offered by mitochondria to eukaryotes(probably regarding energy production), which prokaryotes themselves cannot evolve or do?(here I am assuming that ...
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How is bacterial plasma membrane made?

Eukaryotes have ER which manufactures plasma membrane of cells. How is prokaryotic plasma membrane made ? What is the pathway and which enzymes are involved ?
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Need either a [similar] ribosome to the following few | a heuristic for finding [similar] macromolecule given 20 others

Background : Hi! I am running a small experiment dealing with structural heterogeneity of the ribosome, actually of ribosomes across all domains of life. It's entirely computational: I get cryoEM ...
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Enhancer elements in prokaryotic DNA?

I know that in terms of post-translational modifications of genes, prokaryotes and eukaryotes differ highly because of the lack of introns in prokaryotic DNA. With this said, do prokaryotic DNA ...
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Are plasmids found in eukaryotes? [closed]

There are some who says plasmids are found in some eukaryotes but is it like scientifically proven?
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Why are some parts of an rRNA structure diagram not labelled?

I've been looking at this structure diagram of the 16S rRNA and have been wondering why some parts of the diagrams have labelled base pairs while other parts are just lines and dots. I'm new to this ...
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prokaryotes and Evolution

I have a question that I did not find an answer to online and maybe anyone here could help. Why are there still prokaryotes today? Why didn't they all evolove?
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