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Identifying Promoters in Non-homologous Sequences within the Same Organism

In this paper, the authors cloned a GPD promoter for use in driving a GFP gene from Lentinula edodes using a set of provided primers. The primers were derived from the following accession GQ457137.1 ...
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Meaning of the word "targeted" in a description of chromatin immunoprecipitation

From a research paper: The ChIP assay demonstrated that CIC physically binds to the promoter region of FOLR1, PCFT and RFC1. Compared with IgG control antibody, CIC antibody enriched 4.1-fold more ...
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Should there be a distance between the terminator of a protein with the promoter of another one?

I want to do an overlap PCR to get the desired gene product I want. Can I put the promoter of the second protein just after the terminator of the first protein, or should there be some distance ...
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How hard is it to build a promotor in a DNA that initiates DNA transcription when specific hormones are around

I have an idea that you could find out which substances are within a sample in vitro that you are investigating by creating DNA that has a bunch of different promotors for different substances you are ...
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