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What chemical test can be used to tell apart meat and plant-based meat?

Long story short, I thought about this question and simple Google searches weren't enough. I know there must be some nutrient that can only be found in one of the meats but not the other, but I can't ...
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How to determine the primary Uniprot accession number from a list of accession numbers?

Given a list of UniProt IDs that are linked to an Ensembl ID, is there a way to systematically determine which is the primary accession number with no other information? According to ExPasy ...
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FPLC based separation of serum proteins

I am working on a project which involves bio-marker discovery in neuro-developmental disorders. I have an akta-prime FPLC instrument in my lab but I do not know how to use it. According to theory, ...
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MS/MS for complex samples

I saw this figure in this atricle: It's a really nice representation of what happens when using MS/MS. However I was wondering how this works when there are more proteins present in the gel spot. ...
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What is the advantage of indirect ELISA over direct one?

I guess the answer is about indirect one giving less error due to selectivity but how exactly does that happen?
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