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What percentage of Lithium compounds pass the blood brain boundary?

I've been doing some research on lithium. Lithium is used in psychiatry as a medicine for mania and bipolar. This is generally a high dosage of lithium carbonate, with around 300mg of elemental ...
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Animal models to study depression [closed]

Is there a non-invasive animal model to study the pathogenesis (i.e., the development of) depression?
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How to interpret this statement on missing heritability

I'm currently studying a behavioral genetic course, but still, I feel that I'm lacking many basic concepts. A particular topic I don't understand is missing heritability. Here's an example regarding ...
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Can apes have schizophrenia?

Many animals can become mentally ill, but I could not find any account of animals showing schizophrenia, not even apes. I could only find this, but it seems very vague. Is there any evolutionary ...
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What is the "GTP activator protein" that activates GTP-cyclohydrolase-1?

From GTP-cyclohydrolase deficiency responsive to sapropterin and 5-HTP supplementation: relief of treatment-refractory depression and suicidal behaviour (BMJ Case Reports, 2011) The metabolic profile ...
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Is there logic in this sentence? "Authors discovered a gene as one of the genes evolved through natural selection"

From a news report: PhD candidate Daiki Sato and Professor Masakado Kawata have discovered SLC18A1 (VMAT1), which encodes vesicular monoamine transporter 1, as one of the genes evolved through ...
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Bipolar disorder genetics

My understanding is that bipolar disorder is polygenic. 1) Does one need to have all the genes for bipolar disorder in order to have the disease? 2) Is it possible for a person to have all the genes ...
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What are ECT parameters?

ECT or shock treatment is used to treat psychological disorders. How much voltage, current and duration is used for this? Wikipedia mentions a treatment of 0.8 Ampere for 5 seconds.
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