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Statistical significance set at $p < 0.05$ or $\alpha = 0.05$?

Obviously, both refer to the same thing. But, which is more correct/more common in biomedical papers? By alpha, I mean alpha level (Also see one). (And, should it be $p < 0.05$ or $p = 0.05$ if it'...
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Programs/software used to create illustrations and scientific paper ready figures

I am new to the field of molecular biology. I am finding the need to generate illustrative figures displaying interplay between proteins, DNA and various other molecular constructs at different scales ...
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3 answers

How do I know if the claims of a scientific paper are generally accepted?

I am looking for information about the use of glucosamine and chondroitin for treatment of back pain and disc degeneration. A paper published in Military Medicine in 1999 reported some beneficial ...
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Was the Harcourt COVID-19 isolate paper ever published?

One very interesting paper concerning COVID-19 was the paper describing the first isolation of the virus by Harcourt et al. However, this paper as far as I can tell was only published as a preprint in ...
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Would this be classified as a cross-sectional study design?

Let's say I'm conducting a study in which persons recently diagnosed with an infectious disease were recruited to provide a variety of different specimens and answer standardized clinical survey ...
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Is it possible to conduct scientific research without actually getting close to the sample/specimen? [closed]

For example, I have never get closed to a whale. The only source I have is research from who has get close to it. If I read their research and find a new thing, would my "discovery" be ...
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Best data repository to publish a large 'plotly' table containing all annotations on a transcriptome?

I want to publish a transcriptome paper, along with interactive materials enabling readers to peruse the data behind the discussion. The R package 'plotly' enables rendering online-publishable tables ...
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Analysing papers and providing search [closed]

Suppose I want to provide "smart" (AI, meaning extraction etc.) search over many published papers (specifically, biological) to simplify researchers' live. Now, I have access to my university library ...
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A compound was proposed by error but then showed very good inhibitory properties. How to argue this in a manuscript?

In a project, we performed some virtual screening calculations in order to predict inhibitors, and then purchased the compounds and tested them in the lab. One of them was a very good TK inhibitor (...
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Rushed publications based on flawed data

In 2014 BICEP2 made a very controversial press release. It was rushed, given before any papers where published, because they feared they would be scooped by another similar experiment. In the end it ...
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Listing Cluster of Differentiation (CD) markers (immunology)

I hope this question is appropriate for this SE. When listing multiple cluster of differentiation (CD) markers to define a cell population, e.g. CD3+CD8+CD45+CD4-, is there a default order to put them ...
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Are there journals for theoretical models of protein-protein interactions?

Are there respectable scientific journals for publishing models of protein-protein interactions obtained by docking simulations? I would also discuss the biological significance of the particular mode ...
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2 answers

Nature Scientific Reports vs. BMC Genomics

I do not know if this question to suitable here or not. I posted it as I think biologists can help me in this question. If not suitable here, then I am sorry for that. I have written paper which I ...
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3 answers

How does a biologist decide when she has enough results to publish a paper?

Biology is so exciting! Answering a question leads to thousand more questions! There is no limit to how much one kind find out about a phenomena… So I have always wondered how someone can ...
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Comment on the introduction to a bioinformatics paper

I've written a paper about DNA sequence analysis. This paper attempts to use Bayesian modelling for a set of DNA sequences. It will probably end up either in a statistics journal, or, more likely, in ...
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1 answer

Citing species in a biology article

My question concern the abbreviation of the genus of a species. I talk about two species: Amphiprion clarkii and Amphiprion perideraion. Question 1 Let's assume I haven't said a word about these ...
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How should I put a large phylogeny into a scientific paper?

I've been trying to put a phylogeny tree into a scientific paper. This tree includes ~220 species, which is too too large for one page for journal articles (Letter or A4 size). But in my paper it is ...
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