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The molecular technique of isolating specific molecules, especially biomacromolecules, from complex solutions.

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Can concentration of a protein be determined from a gel quantitatively (rough estimation)?

I've got a His-tagged protein in 6M urea, 500 mM imidazole buffer that needs to be quantified before dialysis to ensure there's enough protein worth dialysing. I ran out of my elution buffer which ...
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4 answers

Measuring protein concentration, Bradford vs. Nanodrop?

I know that the bradford assay is a very standard way of measuring protein concentration after e.g. a purification. However, in the lab that I work in now they normally only use nano drop at the 280nm ...
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3 votes
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What buffer should I choose for IEX chromatography for purifying IgY

I will use ion exchange chromatography with an anion exchange column to purify chicken IgY. Prior to this I did dialysis to remove salts from previous purification steps, is it possible after this ...
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How do I look for pathogen in water with a microscope? Is it possible?

I am a 9th grade student from Manila and we're currently working on an investigatory project. We want to know how effective SODIS or solar water disinfection is. The purification method claims to be ...
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