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it is possible that a rabies dog barking transmission rabies [closed]

It is possible that a rabies dog barking transmission rabies tiny droplets of saliva on the wound,near to me,while i walking on the street.this there any medical case in the word? Or we just need to ...
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How likely is rabies virus will enter the body through this kind of imperfect human part when you perform this "experiment"?

First, let's not confuse my question with typical skin peel when your body part slip on a road and get that typical red colored skin due to blood. It's not like blood is flowing, but clearly red area ...
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Why does the body not develop immunity to rabies during the period of incubation?

Rabies typically has an incubation period of 20 to 60 days and most cases develop only after at least a month after the bite from the infected animal. Nevertheless, rabies is nearly always fatal and ...
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