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Does individual differences in pain tolerance impact the pain score rating?

I have been looking at clinical studies due to self interest. In studies where the severity of pain is evaluated, a pain scale with a pain score of 0 to 10 is often used. However, since different ...
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What safe, accessible enveloped virus should we use for beginning experiments?

I need to know which virus meets the following criteria: It has to be enveloped. It has to have a DNA packaging scheme similar to Adenovirus (basically, sticks most of itself together then draws in ...
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How does the researcher deal with new data different of what they have learned?

I am currently studying the book Alberts 5 edition 2016. I was wondering how much of the info will remaining vigent in 10 years. How does the researcher deal with this kind of things? Do they have to ...
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Which statistical test should be used for GC-content comparison?

I'm predicting that certain genes (n=20) are more GC rich than expected in all protein-coding genes. How can I test this hypothesis efficiently? I generated the same number of random genes (also n=20) ...
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Vegetation density estimation from distance method: random sampling or along the grid?

I am planning to sample the tree regeneration (new ones and advance regeneration, > 2m). I am planning to use small circular points to estimate the counts per area (= density of young trees). I ...
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How to choose which animals to study when designing evolutionary neuroscience research project

I am currently writing a reseach project for a scientific initiation and my idea would be a literature review identifying all empirical physiological and anatomical evidence for the presence and ...
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Would this be classified as a cross-sectional study design?

Let's say I'm conducting a study in which persons recently diagnosed with an infectious disease were recruited to provide a variety of different specimens and answer standardized clinical survey ...
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Relationship between BMI and age?

I'm trying to study how age as a confounder may affect the relationship between commute mode and BMI (and design a research proposal). To explain age as a potential confounder, I compared age to ...
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Is it possible to conduct scientific research without actually getting close to the sample/specimen? [closed]

For example, I have never get closed to a whale. The only source I have is research from who has get close to it. If I read their research and find a new thing, would my "discovery" be ...
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Creating animal models

I was wondering how a scientist in a lab may know which type of animal model to use. I have been looking at the effect of a protein on a disease. And have thought about the ways that’s i know this has ...
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Why was cotton chosen to grow on the moon?

The choice of plants for the first lunar ecosystem is a bit unusual. They are growing cotton, rapeseed and potatoes. Why did the Chinese scientists choose them? Is it because of their ability to ...
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How to find idea for essay [closed]

I'm studying microbiology in Iran The university that I'm studying in doesn't provide that much help in research areas and we don't get to research or write essays that much ,while I'm trying to write ...
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BMI limits in interpretation in people with high/low heights

In a study, I measure BMI of a large sample of adult people. Among them, there is some who have very low and very high height. As I can read on the internet (like here or even in the wiki, for ...
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Why have a placebo control group when testing a new drug if existing drugs can be used?

It is general practice to compare a new treatment against a sham treatment (placebo), and then use those results to compare efficacy of the new treatment (call it B) to an existing treatment (call it ...
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What is the effect of pesticides on worm growth?

As a new semester begins, we were asked to propose ideas for investigatory projects. Our idea revolves around the effects of pesticides on non-target organisms. Since frequent use of pesticides may ...
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Why aren't drugs tested on sick patients proactively?

I read an article about a new drug which may stop neurodegenerative activity in the brain and this triggered a question I had for some time already. Why such novel drugs are not tested on seriously/...
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Decoding animal language (dolphins etc)

I have this idea about how we perhaps could decode animal vocabularies that I would like to have some input on. The idea is to design an experiment/challenge where we could predict roughly what has ...
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When is gene density an important parameter in experiments?

As per wikipedia definition, gene density is defined as: "In genetics, the gene density of an organism's genome is the ratio of the number of genes per number of base pairs, usually written in ...
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Problems in optimisation with applications to biology? [closed]

I will soon have around 8 weeks to do a research project of my choosing as I am finishing my undergrad in computer science. My experience is mostly in optimisation algorithms (mostly combinatorial/...
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How do you interpret this microbiology/ bacteriology research figure?

This is a figure from a research article that I am to do a senior presentation for. It is showing bacterial replication of an enteric bacteria population. The researchers hypothesize that the number ...
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What are these strings used to describe animals?

For example, what's a $dt^{sz}$ hamster? ( What's a Rgs9-Cre/+;gtROSA/+ mouse? (
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How best to count bees entering and leaving a hive to measure hive activity?

This is my first question here, so I apologize for all mistakes I could have possibly made. I'm a high school student in East-Central Europe and I need to complete some research for a biology contest ...
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