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What is the effect of pesticides on worm growth?

As a new semester begins, we were asked to propose ideas for investigatory projects. Our idea revolves around the effects of pesticides on non-target organisms. Since frequent use of pesticides may ...
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How was 2019-nCoV (Wuhan coronavirus) identified so quickly?

It seems that from the first few cases to identifying 2019-nCoV as a new disease happened very quickly. How were they able to identify this as a new disease and not an outbreak of a previously known ...
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How to choose which animals to study when designing evolutionary neuroscience research project

I am currently writing a reseach project for a scientific initiation and my idea would be a literature review identifying all empirical physiological and anatomical evidence for the presence and ...
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Rushed publications based on flawed data

In 2014 BICEP2 made a very controversial press release. It was rushed, given before any papers where published, because they feared they would be scooped by another similar experiment. In the end it ...
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Does antibody staining / immunolabeling block or inhibit protein function?

In dissociated live cells, does staining them with an antibody block the protein's function? I am sorting cells based on their expression of a few marker genes, and culturing them post-sort for ...
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How to Find Ticks for Research

I am an amateur researcher looking for castor bean ticks for a science project. Where could I procure them the easiest? I am located in southern California.
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How does the researcher deal with new data different of what they have learned?

I am currently studying the book Alberts 5 edition 2016. I was wondering how much of the info will remaining vigent in 10 years. How does the researcher deal with this kind of things? Do they have to ...
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Eagles carrying off a goat to its nest: How heavy is the young goat? How strong is the eagle? Here is my guess:

I posted a related question, here, trying to identify the exact subspecies of animals. In the documentary El Hombre y la Tierra, a golden eagle carries off some sort of juvenile(?) goat. The Japanese ...
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What gives researchers a reason to test the Radiation Resistance of organisms?

I was reading about the Thermococcus Gammatolerans and its absurdly high radiation resistance, when something occurred to me. What reason did anyone have in the first place to subject this thing to ...
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Why aren't drugs tested on sick patients proactively?

I read an article about a new drug which may stop neurodegenerative activity in the brain and this triggered a question I had for some time already. Why such novel drugs are not tested on seriously/...
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Public Pacemaker database online?

I am looking for any database about pacemakers with the leads atria A right ventricle VR left ventricle VL I did not find any in Physionet. Is there any anonymous data about different situations ...
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