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Sourcing sulfur-oxidizing bacteria

For a research project, I need a species of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria but I cannot find a biological company that sells anything like that. I know ATCC sells some species of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria ...
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Is there a comprehensive Taxonomical ID database?

I know there are resources that outline the latest taxa, such as wikispecies or Kew Gardens. However, I have not found any resources which detail the defining features of each taxa. Are there any ...
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Resources for understanding the basics of cell signaling, gene expression and cell fate determination, for a physics student?

I'm a physics student who will join a theoretical biology/applied mathematics research group this September. I'll link some papers at the end for further context. The main problem I have is that my ...
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Suggestion on program/algorithm to segment nuclei

I've got some images such as the one in this post, obtained from the neuroepithelium of a chick embryo in a confocal microscope, where nuclei have been fluorescently labeled. I'd like to be able to ...
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Database of unique attributes of biological model systems

I am interested in deviations from standard eukaryotic biological mechanisms: Sperm chromatin lacks nucleosomes, and are instead highly condensed by protamines. (most eukaryotic chromatin has ...
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Resource recommendation: a good book explaining and evaluating the evidence for evolution?

I take a great interest in the intersection between science and religion and evolution is therefore something I often read about. Many of the critics of evolution like to poke "scientific" ...
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Is there a resource that lists the quantity of active transposons for various species?

I read the thesis that transposons are a major factor in human aging. To study that thesis I want to see how the count of active transposons differs by species. Is there an existing database or study ...
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Do animal muscles atrophy slower than humans?

Suppose I consider the silver back gorilla as an example. I cannot imagine ever seeing one in the wild intentionally doing something akin to weightlifting like humans solely for the purpose of ...
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What Software could I use to create Diagrams of Biochemical Processes like these?

Cross-posted at GraphicDesign.SE here Is there any software software that I could use to (closely) create pathways as depicted in these diagrams? Or does anyone happen to know what software ...
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