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The exchange of gases across organs that facilitate transport of the gases to and from the cells of the organism.

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During starvation, does the human body do anything to prioritize which organs receive nutrients?

When food is scarce, the body slows its metabolic rate to conserve energy. Are there any other systems or processes that prioritize which organs receive nutrients?
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Why do you die if you cannot breathe?

I was wondering what the actual reason for death by suffocation is. Obviously it is related to oxygen deprivation. But what is the underlying cause of death? Is it due to insufficient oxygen for ...
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How can we differentiate between respiration and breathing?

I am a student of 10th grade, and I eagerly want to learn biology. What is the difference between respiration and breathing?
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Does an old growth forest ecosystem produce more oxygen than it consumes?

I would like to consider an old growth forest ecosystem such as a large part of the Amazonian forest. It is common to refer to such beautiful forests as a source of oxygen for the world. For example, ...
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How much oxygen does a plant use up at night?

Given the fact that plants cannot do photosynthesis at night but need respiration for their energy needs, they use up oxygen and generate carbon dioxide. But how much is this? If I fill a room with ...
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Highest Pressure Human Body Can Survive In?

One design for underwater human inhabited environments is to have equal pressure between the surrounding water and the submerged habitat, thus allowing a section of the floor to be open to the water ...
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Besides carbon dioxide and water vapor, what waste gases are removed through the human respiratory system?

Canadian Lung Association remove the carbon dioxide and other waste gases that your body's doesn't need. LibreTexts: water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other waste gases move from inside the body ...
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How does Anabantoideis' labyrinth function? What does it look like?

Anabantoideis are fish with an organ that allows them to take oxygen directly from the air outside of water. However, I cannot find much on how this functions, nor can I find any clear image of what ...
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What are the highest and lowest possible pH, paCO2 and HCO3 in the blood of living human?

What are the highest and lowest possible values of pH, $paCO_2$, and $HCO_3$ in the (arterial or venous) blood of a living human being?
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Why does affinity of Hemoglobin increases for Oxygen in carbon monoxide poisoning?

I have studied this in almost every physiology book but I just can't understand how carbon monoxide can affect oxygen's affinity to Hemoglobin. I know that there is left shift in oxygen dissociation ...
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Effects of smoking tobacco compared to inhaling other smoke

How much less dangerous is breathing smoke from burning wood and coal compare to smoking tobacco? Edit: Sorry. I should have made the question clearer. If this were an experiment, it would be set ...
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Breathing under water

Why can fish breathe under water but land mammals can't? How can fish extract oxygen straight from water but humans can't?
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If during exercise the affinity of oxygen for haemoglobin is decreased, what are the general consequences for tissues?

During exercise more respiration occurs, and hence more oxygen is required. So the oxygen dissocation curve is shifted to the right. So at a given Oxygen partial pressure, the haemoglobin is less ...
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