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Questions tagged [rodents]

Mammals of the order *Rodentia*, which are characterized by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws.

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Is there benefit of use of red light over dim white light when interacting with rodents in the dark phase?

I've come across some "percieved wisdom" that rats and mice do not "see" red visible light and so use of this wavelength will allow humans to interact with rats in their active nocturnal phase without ...
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Small mammal identification

Small skull found in Alberta, Canada. Do not know the region. Skull is about 17 mm in length. Trying to identify the species, narrowed it down to most like a species of vole but can't figure out which ...
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Which agricultural crops attract rodents?

Are there any data on rodent populations per acre of different types of agricultural crops?
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Is there any (practical) way to control a rodent population without predators?

It seems that New York has tried a number of ways to reduce their rat population, recently with fall traps. Unless they can kill all of the rats at once, it seems that this will just free up resources ...
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