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How can saliva neutralise acids produced by bacterial cells in our mouth if it is itself acidic in nature?

My school textbook makes the following claim: This means that saliva must be basic. However, I learnt that the pH value of saliva is about 6.8, which would surely make it acidic. How can the above ...
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How likely is rabies virus will enter the body through this kind of imperfect human part when you perform this "experiment"?

First, let's not confuse my question with typical skin peel when your body part slip on a road and get that typical red colored skin due to blood. It's not like blood is flowing, but clearly red area ...
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Will Saliva make food go bad

My mom was telling me that if I put the unfinished bowl of milk and cereal back to the fridge, the saliva that has been stuck to the spoon gets passed to the milk. The saliva in milk will make milk go ...
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What is the "mucin net"?

From Giulia Enders, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ Mucins are proteins that form the main constituent of mucus. They help provide hours of fascination and fun for young ...
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Does the saliva of a person just recovered from an infectious disease help to cure another persons having the same disease?

I have always had this 'weird' thought (But could never quite test it...). Would the saliva of a just recovered person contains antibodies, or other immuno-boosting substances that can help fight off ...
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where to buy DNA sample kit? why isn't it easy to find online?

I guess you can say that it's a hobby of mine to research my ancestry and gather as much information from my family's history as I can. Being a student I can't afford to pay for mtDNA or Y DNA test of ...
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What can saliva tell about ones health? [closed]

I was wondering if I d want to analyze something related to my current health based on my saliva. What could it be? I mean e.g. by putting a thermometer in your mouth you can know your body ...
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How does food preservatives effect salivary digestion? [closed]

What effects do common food preservatives have specifically on saliva?
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Why does our mouth "water"?

Whenever we see something delicious, rapid salivation starts in our mouth. Also, it doesn't happen for all other food, which we eat regularly. So, Is there any particular use of "rapid salivation"? ...
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After doing brush I feel hungry? [closed]

Why I feel hungry after brushing my teeth in morning? I usually have my dinner in between 9 to 10 at night and then I sleep at 12. Sometimes I wake up at 6 in morning and then I go to brush my teeth. ...
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How long is saliva viable?

Does anyone know if saliva can stay viable for about 5 days, before it gets suspended into a DNA genealogy vial for testing? Background: My brother wants to do a DNA genealogy test at a US testing ...
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Can you find malaria parasites in saliva?

Can you find plasmodium parasites (malaria) in saliva under microscope from someone who's infected? Or it's only in the blood?
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Applying saliva to mosquito bites

Is it true that; when you apply your own saliva to a mosquito bite it would stop itching ?
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Saliva test for Toxoplasma gondii?

I am trying to find some reliable gene kit by which you can rapidly test Toxoplasma gondii. I am not sure if it exists. I have an intuition that some tests done during 90s-00s on this species had high ...
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