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Questions tagged [sequence-analysis]

Analysis of DNA, RNA or protein (amino acid) sequences. Here sequences are compared so analyze similarities and conserved regions. Sequence analysis is usually done by specialized software.

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Difference between Classic Satellite DNA and Microsatellites/Minisatellites

I am very new to this community and have a basic question about repetitive DNA sequences. How is different (classic) satellite DNA from microsatellites/minisatellites? All textbooks give concrete ...
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How can I create R8 (homopolymer repeat) filter without using illumina pipeline?

illumina instruments have built-in -or online- analysis software for variant analysis (CASAVA). This software can filter out the false positive variants near the homopolymer repeats (AAAAAAAA) and ...
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Good poly-A filtering rules or tools

I am aligning a large number of ESTs. It seems poly-A tails show in many different ways. In addition to occurring at the very end, they can be flanked by the cloning sequence one one end, or have ...
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Are there any examples of weighted edit distance genome alignments?

It has been said that weighted edit distance is a preferred way to compare/align genomes in practice, e.g., when identifying genetically similar patients. I wonder if there are some concrete examples ...
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How does one apply Bayesian inference to quantify a read the deeper you sequence?

For NGS sequencing technology, the "deeper" you sequence given fragments, the more certain you are of what is being sequenced. This sounds like a simple application of Bayes's Rule. What is the ...
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Genotype-Phenotype databases?

Beyond the Stanford HIV database, what other databases out there provide a dataset linking virus/bacterial genotype to quantitative phenotype? I'm looking for high quality datasets to test machine ...
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What are constrained genetic elements?

I am somewhat of a newbie in evolutionary biology currently taking my first steps in bioinformatics. I was reading a paper when I came across the term "constrained genetic elements", referring to ...
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Efficient algorithm to calculate various population divergence statistics

Intro and description of the data I am simulating the evolution of very long DNA sequences. The model works well, is performant and will output data in the following kind of fasta format ...
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Quantifying Hydrophobicity from amino acid sequence

fourth-year undergrad here so any help is super appreciated! Also this is not something I am working on for a grade, so pls don't think I am just looking for someone to do my homework lol! In a gist, ...
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How to interpret different results from Clustal Omega and Multalin?

I have been working on aptamers, which are nucleotide sequences. They bind to various targets, in my case a particular cell surface receptor. The people associated with the project performed SELEX and ...
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How to know which residues belong to the variable or constant regions of a Fab (fragment antibody)?

I have a fragment of antibody (Fab) structure, and I know its amino acid sequences of its heavy chain and light chain. As each chain of Fab can be divided into variable and constant regions, how can I ...
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How to calculate RPM?

I´m just starting my postdoctoral fellow and my new project involve sRNA Deep Seq. I´m having problems with the data normalization. I´ve been reading papers about it and the variety of normalization ...
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What are the exact reason causing missing calls in a VCF file from exome sequencing?

My data is a VCF file from exome sequencing variant call. I'm not very familiar with the sequencing process and variant calling process. I noticed that there are some missing genotypes, which is ...
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Why do we use klenow fragment in pyrosequencing?

Why do we use klenow fragment in pyrosequencing instead of polymerase
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Batch several sequences for absent restriction sites

I have a collection of about 120 7kB sequences I would like to check for ether a list of specific restriction sites, or what restriction sites might be absent in all of them. Is there a app or ...
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Demultiplexing symmetric PacBio reads

I have PacBio CCS.h5 and the corresponding fasta and fastq files and I would like to demultiplex them. Does anyone know of how this can be done in the absence of bas.h5 files. Thanks for your help! ...
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Is the default kmer 25 value in Trinity still ok for assembly of 150bp reads from Illumina HiSeq 2500?

I will soon be receiving Illumina HiSeq 2500 data (150bp PE stranded reads). In the past we have been using Trinity as our assembler of choice, but it uses a default kmer value of 25. I believe this ...
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Is there a newer/better book than Genome-Scale Algorithm Design available? It's from 2015

I'm considering buying the book "Genome-Scale Algorithm Design: Biological Sequence Analysis in the Era of High-Throughput Sequencing" by Veli Mäkinnen and others. However, as this book was ...
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Extract mutations from fasta sequences

I have a large amount of protein sequences in the .fasta format and I would like to extract only the amino acid mutations from these sequences, so that, in the end, I want to have a list that looks ...
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C to T Transition Mechanism

I am seeing C to T transitions in my sequencing data, but also some strange signatures that follow along with that. I am trying to understand the biology of what is occurring. In the data I see more C ...
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