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Sex determination in Drosphila [closed]

Ive been taught that its based on genic balancing. But I recently saw this question that has caused me some doubt. I thought it would be the 1st option but unfortunately they said it to be the 3rd. ...
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What determines sex in birds?

Is there production of TDF in birds? If so which gene produces it?
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Is the sex of siblings mutually independent?

I am studying probability, and one of the lectures I came across (Skip to 52:00) states that the sex of siblings is not mutually independent and that there is some correlation. Can anyone tell me why?...
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When was it discovered XY chromosomes decide the sex of a child in humans?

Several stories are told from before-genetic-age (books and movies are my reference, the one present in my mind is Marie-Antoinette by Copola) in which we can always see that women are blamed for ...
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How do sex biased genes evolve?

I am wondering how do genes become sex-biased? that is, how does a gene evolve expression which is regulated in a sex-specific manner (assuming no effect from sex-limited Y/W chromosomes). I ...
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Do males of all sexual species have Y chromosomes?

I know for instance some cells are sexual, so, this got me wondering, do the males of all species that have distinct sexes have Y chromosomes?
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