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Signal Processing covers the theory, algorithms, performance analyses and applications of techniques for the processing, understanding, learning, retrieval, mining, and extraction of information from signals (1, 2)

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Phase Shift in Grid Cells

I would like to fully understand the phase shift in the grid cell in MEC. From my understanding, since there is a hexagonal (i.e. equilateral triangle) lattice, and hence there are 3 $\phi$'s, I have ...
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Pearson correlation of neural responses with it's linear estimation

I am trying to anderstand the following fact from this article (page 13): How can single neurons predict behavior Suppose I have a linear estimation of a stimulus: $ \hat{s} = \mathbf{w}^T(\mathbf{r} ...
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Long-Term EMG studies

I am having trouble differentiating onset/offset of muscle activation. Is there anyone in the field has a specific way to set the threshold for both time and magnitude?
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