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Questions tagged [small-rnaseq]

Next-Gen Sequencing of RNA sample enriched with small RNAs (~15-200nt) such as miRNA, piRNA etc.

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Precursor miRNA and a mature miRNA

What is the main difference between a precursor miRNA and a mature miRNA? It is often the case that we have more than one precursor miRNA but only one mature miRNA. The miRNA-seq data contains only ...
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Problems with analysis of small RNAseq data - Adapter trimming

I have always faced a problem while analyzing small RNAseq data, at the step of adapter trimming. Overview of small RNAseq (Illumina) RNA is size fractionated using columns or PAGE 3' and 5' adapter ...
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small RNA bioanalyzer traces showing miRNA enrichment for sRNA-seq

I am bioinformatician trying to support some small RNA-seq experiments. All bioanalyzer traces that I have seen for RNA at the small RNA range show at peak at 22. But probably it depends on the ...
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