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What's the exact species of this African Giant Snail?

We've got an African Giant Snail a few years ago but failed to identify the exact species so far. When we got it, it's been about 20 % smaller than now, so it's probably not been an adult snail, but ...
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Why don't snails run out of slime?

I understand that land-snail-slime and slug-slime are made of mucus. Externally, one kind of mucus is produced by the foot of the gastropod and is usually used for crawling on. https://en.wikipedia....
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What is this snail? (Location: Bangkok, Thailan; size: 3 cm long, 5 mm wide; color: mostly black)

What is this snail? (Location: Bangkok, Thailan; size: 3 cm long, 5 mm wide; color: mostly black) Video:
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How do schistosomes find and attach to human skin?

Schistosomes are parasitic flatworms that have a snail intermediate host and a human definitive host. After developing in the snail, they (cercariae stage) escape into the water and can attach to the ...
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Aquatic Snail Identification

I can’t for the life of me find an identification of these snails. They’re thriving in brackish water, but may be freshwater naturally. They’re about .8cm long at their largest. I believe they have ...
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Do snails like water?

Simply question, do snail show when it's raining because they like it or/and need hydration and food or are they showing up just to escape somewhere, because they're scared of drowning?
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What are these bladder snail parasites?

I collected some bladder snails several months ago. While checking them out one day, I noticed that they were now infested with worm-like ectoparasites. Appearance and behavior Here's a picture of a ...
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Identify snails

Can you tell me what are these 2 kinds of snails I found? The first is around 2cm shell diameter. The second is around 3cm shell diameter. I found both of them in Normandy (north of France) 100km ...
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Cultivate snails and maintaining them alive

I found snails in my garden, I want to create a good house for them. I don't really know how to do. Sorry if this is not the good site to ask that but I don't want them to die so I'm trying to be ...
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Snail species identification from the United Kingdom

Can anybody identify the species of this snail? From this website, it looks like a Common Snail. Could it be the dextral type of Cornu aspersum? These snails have been found in a garden, have ...
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