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Questions tagged [sociobiology]

the scientific study of the biological (especially ecological and evolutionary) aspects of social behaviour in animals and humans. Use this tag in questions related to such studies about animals or to the subject itself.

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Relation between the number of children and maternal telomere lengths

I've read multiple papers with contradictory findings. Some suggests a strong negative effect by birth-giving on telomere lengths. Others disagree. However, none of them establishes causal relations ...
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Are snake capable of love? (social bond in a male/female couple)

I'm wondering whether it has been noticed that some species of snake form male/female couples for life (or at least multiple reproduction cycles) like other types of animals do (penguins come to mind)....
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What is the term for the physical and behavioral changes that occur in an adult species due to the change in their hierarchy?

For example, when a chicken becomes a rooster its crest becomes larger and their feathers become more colorful. Dominant male lions get larger and darker manes. Also, can these changes also occur ...
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Waggle dance in the dark

Karl von Frisch discovered waggle dance [1] as communication system when bees talk about feed resources; Long story short, using a polar coordinate system, bees dance to reveal flowers to sisters. My ...
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Are there solitary animals communicating with themselves?

I can imagine 3 different kinds of communication between individuals: Communication between individuals of the same species. Communication between an individual and another from a different species. ...
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Is there animal other than human that can recognize distal causes?

We know animals can recognize proximate causes. For example, if animal A hits animal B and injures it then usually animal B is able to associate animal A with his injury. From our everyday experience ...
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E.O. Wilson on sociobiology and the origin of morality

Somewhere in E.O Wilson's writing, he discusses how human values are rooted in our nature as a specific kind of animal. He argues that we have an identifiable optimal living place -- a grove at the ...
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Why biologic systems tends to become more complex?

From elements, chemical compounds, cells, multicellular organisms, society evolves and with each step possibilities increase and things get complex. We are builing structures like ribosome builds ...
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I am interested in Sociobiology. Which academic field should I study? [closed]

I like to study Sociobiology and evolutionary psychology. Which academic fields concentrate on these sciences in bachelor and master degrees?
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How to quantify the strength of social bonding between the individuals of a colony? How to compare the strength of social bonding across the species?

Consider two different species of honey bees. If I have to compare the strength of social bonding between the two species i.e. in which species, social bonding between the individuals is stronger than ...
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Is monogamy a human innate behaviour?

As the question states, got curious and I was wondering if monogamy is an innate human behaviour or is it because of how we built society (religion, traditions, etc.)? Let's say we go back in time, ...
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Why social animals attack odd members of their own group?

Some social animals are known for attacking odd members of their own group, for example, chicken: If you have a large group of one type of chicken, they will usually gang up on the one or two ...
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Kin selection Vs altruism (social biology)

I know that this is a contentious topic and I found conflicting explanations online which is what prompted me to put his question up. In some papers, Kin selection is mentioned based off the concept ...
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5 votes
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Is greed an evolved trait?

I am not a biologist, but I am fascinated by evolution. I was watching the news this morning and, as so often is the case, there was a news story about a corrupt politician who was accepting bribes....
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What if $rB=C$ in Hamilton's rule?

Hamilton's rule states that if $rB>C$ then a gene giving altruistic behaviour will increase in frequency in the population. What would happen if $rB=C$? Will an individual perform the altruistic ...
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Female preference for males who are already in a relationship [closed]

A common saying is that women are generally more attracted towards men who are already in a relationship, and this phenomena does seem to have its own place in popular culture that is not matched by a ...
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