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Bone fracture and remodeling due to psychological stress?

I am reading up on this article: click Psychological stress causes bone fracture or the change of habits due to psychological stress cause bone fracture and remodeling?
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Why don't hamsters exhibit a fear response when other hamsters nearby are under attack?

There is this live feeding video on youtube that displays 30 live hamsters being eaten by 4 bullfrogs. You can find it here: What struck me as extremely odd ...
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What is the relationship between stress granules and circular RNAs?

I have read that circRNAs act as sponges for miRNAs and that stress granules help reduce chronic cellular stress and they are composed of proteins and RNAs. I'm interested in the relationship between ...
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Cortisol in sharks

Is there an established method for measuring stress hormone levels, like cortisal, in sharks? If so, is it known what levels of such hormones create significant detrimental effects like decreased ...
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Biomechanics of cells (stress, strain, tension..)

I am confused about the difference between stress, strain, tension, pre-strain and prestress in cells (especially in in-vitro experiments, like cell spreading on a substrate, cell doublets, cell ...
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Do jellyfish have extra energy reserves for emergencies (a "fight or flight" response)?

My friend is writing a story about jellyfish, and we couldn't find out if jellyfish have the equivalent of a "fight or flight response" or an adrenaline rush. In other words, do they have ...
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Why would it be beneficial for cortisol and corticosterone to exhibit pronounced anti-inflammatory activity?

These questions are always a little silly (as we will never truly know), but it always struck me as odd that corticosterone and cortisol exhibit pronounced anti-inflammatory activity. Because these ...
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Are there five common fear responses in animals?

It's been claimed on psy SE that are five common fear responses Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn, and Faint (or maybe fright, flight, fight, freeze, fawn as in a post further linked from there). To me ...
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Is homocysteine converted to glutathione during oxidative stress?

From the paper titled "The basis for folinic acid treatment in neuro-psychiatric disorders" by Ramaekers et al., 2016: On the left side of the figure, the purine metabolite GTP serves as the ...
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Why is the heart adversely impacted by chronic psychological stress, yet it benefits from routine physical exercise?

Chronic psychological stress is commonly said to be deleterious to the heart, and predispose one to cardiovascular disease. Yet the opposite is said about regular aerobic exercise. Physiologically, ...
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Can insects or mosquitoes be astonished(shocked)?

Can insects like mosquitoes get astonished by sudden happenings? Background I missed hitting a mosquito on a wall with great force. However even though I missed hitting it, it was dead. So I wonder ...
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Cortisol and inflammation [closed]

Cortisol is released under stressful condition. It is known to have anti-inflammatory role. In fact it is used as potent anti-inflammatory drug also. Though stressful conditions are unwanted and ...
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Why do hand/fore-arm muscles "lock up" after very high-powered effort?

Inspired from Why does it hurt the next day after doing significant exercise? with its excellent answer: In climbing, you can put tremendous load on the hand/fore-arm muscles (specifically, flexor ...
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Hair becoming white in one night after tremendous stress

You have surely heard about soldiers during the war whose hair became white in one night due to the tremendous stress. I was wondering how is this possible biologically ?
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Measuring, using and analyzing skin resistance in kohms

What are ballpark ranges of skin resistance in Kohms for average men and their significance (for example 500-1000s = stressed vs 1000+ = fairly relaxed) What do various skin resistances in kohms say ...
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Do findings on promoter methylation of the serotonin transporter gene and amygdala activity contradict the established view of serotonergic function?

In this article it states that Increased promoter methylation of the serotonin transporter gene predicted increased threat related ...
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Does exercise really reduce stress in the biological meaning?

It is a very widespread claim, that movement in general helps body to get out stress hormones. It is used as a warning for long sitting at the computer and I also heard it as a pro-vegan argument (We ...
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Can ' functional' stress 'forced upon' a cell actually cause cell mutations when they divide and reproduce?

If a group of cells are forced to go beyond their regular biological parameters that they should be under given ' healthy' functioning and while existing in these stressed states some of the cells ...
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What is the impact of stress on the human body?

Can stress trigger any changes in the human body? I'd like to know more about things less commonly known than, for example: sweating and tiredness. What are the long term risks of chronic stress? Do ...
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Why sudden stresses cause stuttering and/or other impairs in children?

The question is simple: Why sudden stresses cause stuttering and/or other temporary or permanent impairs in children (and even adults)?
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