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What makes cherry blossoms so delicious? Does this delicious molecule (or molecules) have some function in the blossom? Does saliva activate it?

My friend showed me a news item about a monkey (or macaque) recently (early February) seen in Taiwan eating cherry blossoms. I assumed it must have been eating caterpillars or other insects that eat ...
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Chloroquinaldol and fresh peppers tasters and non-tasters?

Chloroquinaldol is an over-the-counter antiseptic drug sold under many names, often in the form of lozenges for mouth infections. I absolutely hate its taste. The unpleasant sensation is unlike any ...
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How do farmers tell if their fruits are sweet without eating them?

A relative of mine tells me that when she goes to buy fruits, she asks the vendor if the fruits are sweet. Surprisingly, the vendor is able to tell (the vendor is apparently willing to divulge this ...
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What causes metallic tastes when you receive electric shocks

Whenever I receive small electric charges (most often by, e.g. touching the jack of a plugged in charging cable, or the casing of a charging Apple device), I experience a very distinctive taste in my ...
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Loss of taste and smell during a SARS-CoV-2 infection

In France the loss of taste and smell (la perte du goût et de l'odorat) is considered as one of the key symptoms of a SARS-CoV-2 infection (although googling shows that it is considered less ...
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Are drugs made bitter artificially to prevent being mistaken for candy?

All drugs I remember tasting (with the notable exception of Aspirin) have bitter taste. Is the taste due to the active substance, or is a bittering agent added to them, perhaps to prevent overdose? ...
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Do viruses or bacteria have a flavour?

My 9 year old niece asked me this when I was explaining some stuff to her about the coronavirus. She asked "What does this virus taste like? Can I tell whether my sandwich is contaminated for ...
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How it will taste if one puts two substances on tongue simultaneously?

If we put two substances having different taste on tongue simultaneously how it will taste? Does specific part of tongue is sensitive to specific taste?
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Additive property of taste

It might be a dumb question to ask, but I find it confusing. Is the perception of taste additive? Or to be more precise, can two tasty food items combine to give a more delicious product? For me, ...
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Why don't vegetables taste good despite being healthful? [closed]

This is more a question about the evolution of taste than about the chemical composition of vegetables. Why don't vegetables taste good despite being healthful?
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How can humans taste saltiness in an aqueous solution of salt (saltwater) if the anions and cations in the salt are dissociated in the solution?

This may sound like a dumb question, but I've always wondered why we can still taste saltiness in a dissolved mixture of saltwater. In an undersaturated, aqueous mixture of salt and water, the salt ...
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Why and how does falsifying sensory information work? [closed]

Some context, before the question: Whenever I have a craving to binge on something sugary, I just prepare a cup of extremely bitter green tea (with 3 bags of tea) and I imagine myself binging on ...
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Why there are no plants that offer salt fruits as opposed to sweet fruits?

Why there are no plants that produce salt fruits? Is it because other animals do not like salt to the same degree of humans?
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Why do we get bored of certain food items after repeatedly eating them?

Why do many people not like certain food items after eating them for long? They seem tasty first, and after eating many times, it feels like we get bored.
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Tea that makes everything taste like dirt

My highschool biology teacher once gave us (her class) a tea which made everything taste like dirt. I remember that chocolate candies, spicy hot sauce, and salty crackers all tasted the same after ...
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Cold water sour taste

Recently I underwent a wisdom tooth extraction, and while there is still numbness I have observed something peculiar. If I drink cold water, it tastes sour, however the same effect is not observed ...
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Why do (many) humans like carbonated drinks? [closed]

Many/most humans like certain types of food/drink because of the psychological/physiological responses we have to consuming them. Some examples: We like sugar because it is very energy-rich (and is ...
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Why does something taste less sweet after eating something else that is sweet? [duplicate]

Why does something taste less sweet after eating something else that is sweet, especially if you don't drink water in-between.
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Why do some vegetables taste bitter?

Bitter gourd, cucumber, etc. are bitter to taste. Which chemical causes bitterness in them? I found these when I searched online: this says that it is because of calcium, while this and this talk ...
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Is chocolate poisonous?

I have heard that chilli peppers and coffee evolved to contain toxic chemicals which help to protect them from predators. And recently I learned that star anise, liquorice and aniseed are not ...
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What does DNA taste like?

I've seen plenty of speculation online, but does anyone know of a scientific study or have a definitive argument? I'm thinking probably not sweet, because the deoxyribose sugar is bound in the ...
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Is bad tasting food more likely to cause harm?

Taste is often referred to as subjective. For example certain foods taste bad to me, such as oranges, grapefruit, grapes, raisins, and sweet potatoes. However the wiki article on taste explains that ...
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Why is your taste affected due to sinuses?

I heard someone say "My sinuses are acting up, I can't taste the food." I don't think the person is lying, they probably believe this but I'm having trouble seeing how the sinuses would affect the ...
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Why do many people seem to prefer unhealthy compared to healthy foods?

I don't have any concrete statistics on this but many of us seem to love the taste of food that is unhealthy for us. Over the centuries, wouldn't it have been a non negligible advantage to those who ...
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Why do Hot/Cold drinks taste sweeter once returning to room temperature?

Now, I know this is a very bizarre question, and I tried to find a correct exchange for this, but it might relate to biology/science as it being our taste buds and everything. I am so sorry if there ...
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Why do fishes have both a gustatory and an olfactory system?

I would like to know if there is a reason why fishes (and many aquatic species) have both an olfactory and a gustatory system. As far as I know, in all fish species the chemoreceptors, organs and ...
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Can we taste electrons?

Why does licking a 9-Volt battery elicits a taste sensation? Can taste be stimulated by electrical stimulation?
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Why doesn't pure fat taste better than pure sugar? [closed]

I mean looking from evolutionary perspective sugar tastes sweet and individuals that had this perception ate more sugar and survived and those that didn't perceive sugar as sweet didn't eat it and ...
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Why do children prefer sweeter foods?

As we get older, we tend to lose our sweet tooth and become more tolerant to bitter foods, like vegetables. However, I never understood how this works. Why is it that children prefer sweeter foods, ...
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Are all tastes just a combination of sour, sweet, bitter, etc.?

For example, can the taste of pineapple be isolated to just a certain amount of "salty-taste-triggering-molecules" and "sweet-taste-triggering-molecules" etc.? Can our current understanding of the ...
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Why is water flavorless?

I read recently that humans have an innate preference for sweet-tasting foods. That seems feasible since carbohydrates are necessary for cells to undergo cellular respiration, but why then is water ...
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Feeling of spicy

I have done a survey on my friend When everytime they eat something spicy, They will eat ice or drink icy water. First, Mostly they feel nothing but a cool sensation. However when they finished, they ...
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Why do home-grown fruits tend to taste better than mass-produced consumer fruits? [closed]

It is often heard that home-grown fruits and veggies are a lot tastier than the produce found in the supermarket. Although this question may contain a skeptics element in it, it is so often heard ...
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Why do we find some things disgusting and others delicious?

For example, why do I love paprika while my girlfriend hates it? Why do I find broccoli disgusting and she adores it? As humans, there are things we'd all agree on being awful, like rotten meat, for ...
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Relative sweetness

I have noticed that when I eat something sweet, then afterwards, I eat something else that is sweet, the second sweet food is not as sweet as it usually is. I am pretty sure many others have a similar ...
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