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Questions tagged [temperature]

Questions dealing with biological processes in relation to temperature, for instance temperature effects on metabolism, enzyme function or development time. Temperature can be measured on many different scales, e.g. in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, or Kelvin.

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Are there specific theories as to what causes cold[-water] muscle cramps?

The field of what might cause cramps is quite contested with a lot of controversy around the heat/dehydration cramps, but I find it surprising that no specific theories appear to have been proposed (...
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What is operating temperature of the human brain?

I've heard several times that human brain can die in temperatures over 40 °C, or under 10 °C, as an engineer I'm curious. In what temperature region can brain properly work? And just an underlying ...
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How fast can the human body temperature change?

I'm really curious about how fast can a human body temperature change? E.g. how fast can the human body temperature change when the human has fever? I'm not interested in how fast fever changes the ...
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How do small birds survive the winter?

I live in a region with cold winters (ca. -40 C) and many quite small birds (sparrows, crows, ducks) stay for the winter. How can the birds survive this? As I understand it, smaller bodies will be ...
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What is the effect of persistent hypothermia on cardiac performance?

I define persistent hypothermia in this thread about the mechanisms of persistent hypothermia. The Graph of Katzung et al. in Pharmacology about Heart Failure: I am thinking which parts here are ...
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What's the lowest temperature a tardigrade can remain active at?

There's a lot of information floating around the net about how tough they are & what they can survive, like "We now know that some tardigrades can tolerate being frozen to -272.8 °C". But any ...
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How does heat stress kill plants?

It is known that many plants typically die when exposed to temperatures of 40 to 50°C (I believe, these figures relate to exposure times of ~1–2 hours). When a plant is heated, what is the mode of ...
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Why are the most heat tollerant organisms prokaryotic?

Prokaryotic organisms are able to grow at far higher temperatures than are eukaryotes. Archaea are known to group, among some mesophiles, the most extremophiles organisms (es. Pyrococcus furiosus), ...
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Which organisms require the least fluctuation in ambient temperature?

Note that I am NOT asking "which organism can survive the most extreme temperatures." Many extremophiles like the tardigrade can survives extreme heat, but also extreme cold. Many heat adapted animals ...
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Bergmann's rule and Allen's rule: endotherms and ectotherms

Surface area to volume ratio (in terms of heat conservation) is not the only mechanism, but it is still an important mechanism for explaining Bergmann's rule and Allen's rule. Given that, I want to ...
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What's the feedback regulation of Thyroid diseases and body temperature?

While going through the feedback regulation, the control of blood glucose level by insulin and glucagon is quite discussed in multiple materials including the textbook. I also understand the basic ...
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Cereal Alpha and Beta Amylase temperature range and reaction rate

This question is motivated by a practical application in bread making. While it is well known which are the optimal (highest reaction rate) temperatures for both alpha and beta amylase, I am not able ...
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What are common culture temperatures?

In literature, authors sometimes refer to 37°C as a common culturing temperature. As I understand it, those are temperatures that are conventionally used for incubators in laboratories. For mesophilic ...
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Why do different animals have different body temperatures?

Why do different animals have different body temperatures. For example, humans have 37°C, while dogs have 39°C. Presumably we have ancestors whose temperature differs from ours. Why would it change ...
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Lower optimum temperature of plant Catalase

Most resources give an optimum temperature of 35° C for Catalase. after performing the AP Catalase enzyme lab in school, using blended potatoes, our results gave a greater reaction rate at a room ...
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Why does solute potential go up as temperatures go down?

So the closer a solution's solute potential is to zero, the more water potential said solution would eventually have. The solute potential equation is -iCRT. If the temperature is 0, -iCRT would be ...
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Does freezer burn affect only the cells on the surface of food?

Suppose i submerge a banana halfway through in a tray with water. Part of the banana is submerged in water, part of it is on the outside. The water and banana in the tray is being put in the freezer ...
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Can varied temperature while sleeping help quality of sleep?

I read an interesting article which is about relations between body temperature and quality of sleep. I'm interested in the phrase from the article. Other experiments that varied the ambient ...
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Development threshold of a blowfly species differ depending on situation?

Within a species, does the lower development temperature threshold remain the same in all situations (also known as the development zero temperature)? For example, would the temperature threshold be ...
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Does drinking water affect oral thermometer accuracy?

According to various sources (including Mayo and Cleveland Clinics), one must wait a certain number of minutes before an accurate oral temperature reading may be taken. However, these two sources (and ...
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metabolic heat generation and exercise intensity

Is there a relationship between bio heat equation (found here) and exercise intensity as described here That is I am trying to include the effect from exercises to the tempertaure variation in skin. I ...
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How to pit viper pits maintain high sensitivity across a wide temperature range?

Pit viper infrared vision works nothing like our photochemical rods and cones. It would be blinded by its own thermal noise it if did. Instead, they are sensitive to changes of temperature [of only ...
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How long can a hand be submerged in freezing water?

How long can one's hand be submerged in freezing (0°C) water before cell damage starts to occur? What causes the cell damage? I know exposure to temperatures below freezing can quickly cause frostbite,...
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Does surface to volume ratio matter for cold-blooded species with regards to temperature?

While surface grows quadratically with scale, volume growth is cubic. Temperature exchange (gain and loss) of animals is mostly dependant on surface area (the more area, the faster) whereas heat ...
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At how low a temperature can a snake like a copperhead survive in winter /

Copperheads were very common here, less so now that more people have moved into the subdivision. My yard is sort of an oasis for them . E. TX is expecting record cold in spite of climate change so I ...
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Taking cold shower / drinking cold water after / during training

(I am a new-comer in biology SE so sorry if violated any rules) Effect of cold showers after intense training I have read the answer to this question, but it seems there are discussions on the ...
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What is the maximum/minimum temperature humans can survive at for an extended period of time, and what rate does the body temperature change at?

3 questions: At what rate does the body temperature of a human change at? That is, assuming the outside temperature is x, is there some sort of formula that can determine how long it takes for the ...
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