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The study of abnormalities of physiological development.

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Are there any congenital anomalies that cause a lack of epicanthic folds in a child who would normally have them?

Wikipedia lists several medical conditions associated with epicanthic folds. Mount Sinai says that epicanthic folds in a baby who would not be expected to have them is a diagnostic tool that indicates ...
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Case study and speculations on the brain of Edward Mordake

I am very interested in the case of the man named Edward Mordake who lived in the 19th century. In particular, he had two faces. If you have not heard of this man, please, search this up as there are ...
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What are treatable foetal conditions during pregnancy?

What are different foetal conditions during pregnancy that could be treated with appropriate prenatal genetic testing? I only know that pregnant women are encouraged to take certain supplements to ...
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Does consuming sodium benzoate (preservative E211) cause problems during pregnancy?

There seems to be strong evidence to support the claim that sodium benzoate (E211) causes hyperactivity in young children, e.g. Bateman et al. (2004) and McCann et al. (2007). This leads me to ...
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