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Is there any non-human animal social group that punishes members with "imprisonment" or a similar method?

I was reading this blog on Scientific American, which discusses whether wild animals are happier than domesticated ones. I've also read about strong territorial instincts in some species. This reading ...
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Omnivore vs Carnivore territory size

Edit: Large carnivores require lots of territory. What about bears? They're omnivores. How much does that count? Is there anywhere I could find weight/territory ratios for mammals, depending on diet? ...
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Is a minimum size/complexity necessary for an organism to exhibit territoriality?

A follow-up to Is territoriality only the domain of the male of a species? I've seen a large butterfly chase a different kind of butterfly around - it may, or may not have been territoriality. Is ...
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Is territoriality only the domain of the male of a species?

Is territoriality (recognizing a geographic location, and challenging another member of the same species and gender) only in the domain of the male of a species? Are there any species out there where ...
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