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Can a symptomatic, recent recipient of live attenuated dengue vaccine Qdenga transfer the virus to mosquitoes if bitten?

Can a symptomatic, recent recipient of live attenuated dengue vaccine QDENGA transfer the virus to mosquitoes if bitten?
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Is it physically impossible for a male Anopheles mosquito to bite?

I know that malaria is spread through female Anopheles mosquitos as they require a blood meal to survive and that male ones do not bite and they survive off of nectar, etc. But is it physically ...
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Could the EDTA coating of tubes kill blood fed mosquitoes?

Problem is as follows: culex pipiens fed with freeze-thawed cattle blood sampled in 9ml EDTA tubes enjoy their meal and thrive. Same population fed with freeze-thawed human blood sampled in 4 ml EDTA ...
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Boost of Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine increasing Immune Response to Vector

I have been looking for published, or even pre-print, data that evaluates the serological response to a boost of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine against the adenoviral vector Ad26 rather than the ...
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Comparing angles between population vectors of neural activity

I am reading this paper on fear conditioning, where the following is given: The n-dimensional population vector (activity of n neurons) evoked by the conditioned stimulus (CS+, auditory tone) before ...
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Alkaline Phosphatase and Ligase Protocol for Cloning

In the image the circular molecule is a restricted vector and the linear red molecule is a DNA insert. I found this protocol in my lessons notes, but I don't understand how it is possible that ligase ...
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Is there any commercial vector technology platform for boosting recombinant protein production?

I am a novice in biomedical industry. Our team would like to search new vector technology for boosting recombinant protein production. It's difficult to google a firm that provide those plasmids. Dose ...
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Cloning using pET28a and Protein Expression in DH5alpha and BL21

Can someone please direct me to an e-resource or a book that will help a newbie like me learn in depth about Cloning using pET28a and Protein Expression in DH5alpha and BL21. Though I have done ...
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Are there any documented instances of coronaviruses being directly transmitted from bats to humans?

Many human coronaviruses have ancestral host origins in species of bat. However, all instances I am aware of identified other animals as intermediary vectors: SARS-CoV: Human ← Palm Civet / Raccoon ← ...
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Coronavirus origin could be bat, why this happen while people have been eating bats for centuries? [closed]

Sorry for my lack of understanding, Why now, when people been eating bats for centuries? If bats are simply a vector, where does that virus come from?
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Where can I find disease diagnosis datasets?

For an epidemiological study, I'm looking for datasets for any kind of vector-borne disease (i.e. West Nile Virus, Malaria, etc.), or any parasites that are dependent on intermediate hosts (i.e. ...
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Unusual terminology of vector used

What is the significance of a+ in the name pET-28 a(+)? Is there any a- strain and differences between a,a+,a-?
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How do I reverse my insert within a plasmid?

I have a plasmid with: ...T7pro. -- RBS -- XBa1 cut site -- ProDpro. -- RBS -- AmilCP -- T -- Spe1 cut site -- T... How do I design primers to reverse the portion in bold, such that the T7 and ProD ...
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What are the advantages using SUMO vector for expression? [closed]

My question is : What are the advantages using SUMO vector for expression?
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Debug Fresno; why are the released mosquitos said to be sterile?

I saw in the news that Verily Life Sciences will participate in an experimental release of sterile male aedes aegypti mosquitos in Fresno, California. Aedes aegypti is considered an invasive species ...
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