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Questions tagged [vegetarianism]

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4 answers

Why do people eat meat?

My main question is why do people eat meat? Can we not survive without meat? I recently became a vegetarian and I have not yet felt any impact on my health. Can any one explain this phenomenon from ...
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Could felines live without meat?

Algae are a source of taurine and mushrooms are a source of vitamin D3. Both also contain high protein. So, it seems possible to feed a cat or other felines without any meat. Are there any concerns to ...
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Were we able to create vitamin B12 in past?

All herbivores produce vitamin B12 de novo. Gorillas, for example, are "vegans" so I suppose some human ancestor was also herbivore. Have we ever been B12 self-producers? If so, why have we lost that ...
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What does vitamin B6 and B12 absorption depend upon?

I'm looking at my question about homocysteine metabolism and am doing a followup inquiry into vitamins B6(Pyroxidine) and B12(Cyanocobalamin). I've found this interesting bit about vitamin B12 and am ...
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