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Can all plants be reproduced through vegetative propagation?

I have learned that plants can be reproduced or propagated through vegetative parts but there is a question in my mind if we can each method for all types of plants. I don't know if all plants have ...
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Vegetation density estimation from distance method: random sampling or along the grid?

I am planning to sample the tree regeneration (new ones and advance regeneration, > 2m). I am planning to use small circular points to estimate the counts per area (= density of young trees). I ...
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Why doesn't the soil get depleted after repeated clearing of vegetation?

In my neighborhood, there is a hillside owned and maintained by the local municipality. The hillside is generally overgrown with vegetation. Work crews clear out the vegetation multiple times ...
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Vegetation Monitoring - Why permanent plots

Why do most vegetation monitoring programs rely on permanent plots? Take the context of a single ecological restoration site, for example. Let's say the variable of interest is cover by plant ...
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Are agave plants perennial?

If I were to harvest an agave plant for its nectar, would it kill the plant? I have watched videos of the process and it seems quite invasive.
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What is the difference between abundance and dominance in an ecosystem?

I was reading Hydroperiods of created and natural vernal pools in central Ohio: A comparison of depth and duration of inundation by Debra L. Gamble and William J. Mitsch (2008), and I came across this ...
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Why do same type of fruits come in different sizes?

Why don't fruits come in exact same size even they're the same type of fruit? This sounds like an obvious question, but why are some apples bigger than others? and why are some bananas larger than ...
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2 answers

Why are vegetables either red or yellow?

Have you ever wondered why these two colors occur so often? Take these: onion waltnut potato carrot/parsley and even cabbage which can be green or red. Why these two pigments? Or is it just one ...
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Can white eggs be considered as non-vegetarian? [closed]

I am basically a vegetarian and I find it very difficult to get an actual biological answer for this question on search engine. There are couple of links which discuss these argument but can not be ...
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In which month should I map maritime vegetation?

I'm studying habitat use by Brent Goose in the UK, a species that feeds on maritime vegetation. It's main food types are Zostera sp., Ruppia sp., Ulva / Enteromorpha sp. and Puccinellia sp. I plan to ...
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(How) does coppicing fundamentally alter tree growth?

I am interested in adding the ability to model coppice tree production to a model of perennial crops (Miguez et al 2008).. Implementing the biomass pools and allocation parameters required for tree ...
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Is there a standard format for plant community composition data?

FIA has a nice database of forest Inventory data, this would be great except that it does not seem capable of handling data from non-tree species (e.g., grasslands, wetlands). Is there a standard ...