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When endothelial cells in blood vessels (arteries or veins) are damaged, does atheroma form first or blood clot?

I have learnt from Khan Academy's video on atheresclerosis that when the endothelial cells of an artery are damaged, atheroma forms at the site, and if the atheroma’s fibrous cap is ruptured, ...
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How do veins's valve pocket sinus tend to become hypoxic?

For context, this question relates to the formation of deep vein thrombosis as I read that hypoxemia in vein can trigger coagulation cascade and cause a thrombus to form in vein. I read that vein's ...
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Veins collapse when empty

Veins collapse when empty. That's because they have thin and almost inelastic walls. What has inelasticity and thinness of the walls to do with the collapsing of the veins?
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Why do people perceive blood pressure as the force that moves the blood forwards (see details)?

For example "Veins contain a lot of valves because the blood pressure inside them is low.". This wouldn't make any sense unless if blood pressure was perceived as the force that drives the blood ...
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Is it possible to completely puncture a human hand and have no blood come out?

Illusionist David Blaine sometimes performs a trick where he takes a very long and thin ice pick, insterts it in his hand, and comes out the other side (the palm). However, there is no blood present. ...
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What makes the hepatic portal vein unique?

What makes the hepatic portal vein unique?, is it because it begins and ends with capillaries or because it carries digested food.
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Is it possible to perfuse chemicals into brain after removal from body?

I've read studies where fixatives (eg glutaraldehyde) have been perfused into the brain while it is still inside the skull. I would have thought that this could also be done after the brain is removed,...
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Why does liver wrap around inferior vena cava?

As shown in the image, the liver wraps around inferior vena cava, which takes blood from liver via hepatic veins. Is there an advantage of having the inferior vena cava closer to the liver rather than ...
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Why do veins undergo vasoconstriction during physical activity?

How would this help increase blood circulation?
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is left brachiochephalic vein and left pulmonary artery is same?

I am reading about ligamentum arteriosum which connects the left pulmonary artery and descending aorta. But I am seeing that if any figure shows left brachiochephalic vein it does not show left ...
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How does most of lymph get back into the blood stream? (I don't mean the lymphatic system)

I once read that it was because of osmotic pressure that it returns to the blood stream, by entering the venules. But why? If lymph originated as plasma how come that the solute concentration is ...
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What are the risks of elevating the legs too regularly and when tired?

I started to to think the pathophysiology of elevating legs high next to the wall too often and when you are tired. I think possible manifestations some damage to valves of the veins (No!) because ...