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Is the volume of blood pumped by the right and left ventricles the same?

Wikipedia says that the definition of stroke volume is: stroke volume (SV) is the volume of blood pumped from the left ventricle per beat Why the left ventricle specifically? Why aren't both ...
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Why is the nucleus accumbens in that place?

This description of where the nucleus accumbens is (Ac) says that it should be near the lateral ventricle, when it is quite clearly very far away? How is this? the region surrounding the tip of the ...
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Does the right ventricle affect blood pressure in pulmonary veins?

Now, I know there are multiple things that push the blood through the entire pulmonary circulation like the contraction of arterial muscular walls... But what I want to know is whether the right ...
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Is a one ventricle heart feasible?

So this is derived from a lesson at Khan Academy. The mind activity assumes that the one ventricle heart pumps blood to the lungs for oxygenation then rest of the body. However, the problem is that ...
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What is the function of the Moderator band?

The moderator band in the right ventricle is a band sorts of muscle which consists of a significant branch of the AV bundle. Does it mean it delivers impulses to the anterior papillary muscle faster? ...
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Why is defibrillation in asystole ("flat line") useless?

In most popular medical dramas, when a patient has a cardiac arrest and "flatlines" the doctors many times use a defibrillator to "shock the heart back into rhythm'. I know that actually, the proper ...
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Fast standing and the heart's insufficient accommodation of the increased venous return

Assume you are 45 minutes on the supine position. Furthermore: you stand all of a sudden and fast and without sympaticus activity. The venous return (smooth musculature of vessels) accommodates ...
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