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Homologous characters of organisms that have seemingly lost all or most of their original function in a species through evolution.

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Formation of splint bones in ungulates

I do know that the splint bones are vestigial (reduced non functional toes in this case) , in odd and even toed ungulates. Is there any evolutionary reason of why is it so? What were the conditions ...
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Is vermiform appendix no more a vestigial organ?

The appendix has a role in the immune response. So is it therefore recently removed from the list of vestigial organs?
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Is there a name for the evolutionary loss of vestigial structures?

Consider a biological structure which no longer benefits an organism, such as the eyes of an organism whose population now lives in total darkness. I can think of three reasons why such a structure ...
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What is the biological function of nose, underarm, and pubic hair?

What is the biological function of nose hair? In general, can we consider underarm hair and pubic hair to be vestigial structures?
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Modern Whales with Vestigial legs Myth?

Is it a myth that modern whales have been found with hind legs sticking out of their sides and full formed tibias, fibias, and toe bones? I keep finding assertions, but no citations. For example, the ...
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Is the appendix a vestigial structure in all vertebrates?

In humans the Appendix is a vestigial organ. Does it serve no apparent purpose in all the vertebrates that have one?
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