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Optic Nerve: neurons/area and bit rate?

Does anyone know the number of neurons adjoining a cross sectional area of the optic nerve and the theoretical bit rate of the nerve? I read that the ON cross sectional radius is 3-5 mm and the ...
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Is "Retinal Glial Cells Enhance Human Vision Acuity" creationist propaganda?

The paper Retinal Glial Cells Enhance Human Vision Acuity is profusely quoted by creationists as "proof" of the "perfect design" of the human eye. The paper is about biology but ...
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What is the smallest visual unit perceptible to the human eye, like a pixel? (esp. in visual static)

If you close your eyes, you can often see visual static, where individual pixel-like things are much more visible than with the more smooth, crisp images one gets with open eyes. This led me to wonder ...
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Visual receptive fields

What I know about centre-surround type receptive fields is that depending on whether the region is on or off, the response to being stimulated is either excitatory or inhibitory respectively. So if a ...
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How are the images of both eyes combined to form one image?

When you see an object by one eye, ex.right eye, you see it from the right direction and the opposite if you see it by your left eye, but when you open both eyes, the image appears somehow centric in ...
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Comparion between machine vision & human vision

I hope this is the correct Stackexchange to ask this question. I am trying to know : What is the current status of knowledge regarding human vision and pattern recognition. More specifically, How ...
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What parts of the visual system could be responsible for a fixed, monocular scotoma?

Light enters the cornea, crosses the lens, hits the retina. Electric sinal travels from retina through the optic nerve, reaches the chiasma, crosses and makes its way to the visual cortex. My ...
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Does octopus eye presents the equivalent of fovea in primates?

I'm working on a simple computational model of Primate eye: as we know, it presents a central part, the fovea, that is very rich of receptors in comparison with eye periphery. I'm wondering if other ...
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20/20 vision translated to resolution [closed]

What resolution and or DPI would a TV or VR headset need to be to equal 20/20 vision? and 20/10? With even the 4K TV it does not seem as sharp as my own vision.
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Do adult mosquitoes have color preferences?

Do adult mosquitoes get particularly attracted or repelled by any colour, or darkness or light? If so, what are they?
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What are the response frequencies of sensory neurons?

Both visual and auditory stimuli are sent to the brain via ganglion cells (retinal resp. spiral). Both are the first cells along their resp. pathways that produce action potentials. My question ...
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If we had children wear an apparatus swapping e.g. Red and Blue colors, would their perception adapt?

In the context of neuroscience and philosophy, one difficult question is what makes colors so peculiar and vivid if they're just signals encoding light intensity coming from certain receptors -- an ...
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Does light from the left visual field reach the temporal left retina?

A diagram of the visual pathway is shown here. Light from the left visual field reaches the left nasal retina and the right temporal retina. On the other hand light from the right visual field reaches ...
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How do the connections from V1 to V2 form during early development of the human brain?

I am wondering how corticocortical efferents from layer I and II in V1 develop to forward visual information to layer IV in V2. Is there topology preservation in these connections from the beginning ...
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Biological implementation of convolutional neural networks

In computer science, 'convolutional neural networks' are used, that are meant to be inspired by biological network structures like found in the human brain visual cortex. In the computer ...
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Flicker fusion threshold for insect eyes

I searched on bio-numbers for flicker-fusion threshold of insect eyes in general and for flies in particular. Ruck, 1961 gives values for some flies. Is there any database maintained for these values? ...
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What processes are responsible for focusing on an image only seen by one of the eyes?

When a person is spying from around a corner with only one eye, it's rather easy to ignore the other eye's image, since it's probably much darker, because one usually spies around a corner standing ...
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