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Questions tagged [vitamins]

Questions regarding organic compounds required by an organism as a vital nutrient in limited amounts.

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74 votes
1 answer

Why do Humans not produce Vitamin C like other mammals?

Why do most mammals produce their own Vitamin C? Why do Humans not?
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How can haired mammals synthesize vitamin D?

The human body can synthesize vitamin D in the skin from cholesterol, when sun exposure is adequate. But how can haired mammals do it? Do not they need it?
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6 votes
3 answers

How is a substance classified as a vitamin?

From wikipedia A vitamin is an organic compound and an essential nutrient that an organism requires in limited amounts. There are many essential nutrients to an organism. Glucose for example. ...
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Can vitamin B17 cure cancer?

I have heard that a 'vitamin B17' can cure cancer, but that the medical industry never talks about it, since making it legal would cause them loss of billions. But I have never found a reliable report ...
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Is cancer caused by vitamin B17 deficiency?

I have read in an article on the internet that cancer is caused due to deficiency of vitamin B17 which has been removed from our diets long ago in the western food. But some people say that vitamin ...
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Are there any effects of elevated Cysteine levels on cognitive function?

I'm looking at this diagram of homocysteine metabolism and see two distinct pathways that the amino acid may get metabolized to: with vitamin B12 it gets converted back into methionine, while with B6 ...
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Why can't you just take a vitamin? Why you need a healthy diet on top of that?

From what I understand, your body needs certain amounts of vitamins and minerals to maintain health. Why can't we just take enough pills to obtain these vitamins and minerals?
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Were we able to create vitamin B12 in past?

All herbivores produce vitamin B12 de novo. Gorillas, for example, are "vegans" so I suppose some human ancestor was also herbivore. Have we ever been B12 self-producers? If so, why have we lost that ...
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