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Transmission of oral information between individuals by means of voiced sounds. Voiced sounds are produced orally and produced in the larynx. Source:

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What are the current theories on how baleen whales make whale song?

Wikipedia does not provide many details1 on how baleen whales produce 'whale song', saying it's still a mystery. The linked Gizmodo article provides these paragraphs: Humpback whales, for example, do ...
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Do animals lie?

Have there been any studies that show or suggest that species known to be able to communicate information between individuals ever intentionally communicate false information i.e. lie? (Apart from ...
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Can animals speak like humans?

I know some animals don't have the required vocals. But, I do think that some like parrots, etc may have the capability to produce speech and talk just as we do. My question is that if an animal is ...
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Does exhalation help us speak, and if so, how?

Everyone knows that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. That's how the respiratory system works. But we also use the respiratory system to produce sound and language. When we speak or ...
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Are there birds that don't vocalize?

I am wondering whether there are birds that do not vocalize at all. I know about the distinctions between songs and calls in passeriformes. I know that there are species that vocalize very little, ...
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