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Do all monoclonal antibodies have a blocking effect?

No. Not all monoclonal antibodies block binding of other proteins. This depends entirely on the antibody and its epitope though. Most monoclonal antibodies target a small epitope, somewhere between 7 ...
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Improving contrast between dot and paper in dot blot

In the absence of another answer, I'll transition my comments to an answer. Please label your images. Both an Abcam guide and a Thermo troubleshooting document suggest using a kit or DAB protocol ...
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Why do monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies behave differently as labeled secondary antibodies?

The mechanism for this is (as stated in the first sentence of the quote) that in a monoclonal antibody all antibodies bind the same site (epitope), whereas in a polyclonal antibody you have a mix of ...
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Why are camelid-derived nanobodies called VHH (variable heavy domain of heavy chain)?

First, the definition of VHH (and VH) from the article by S Muyldermans — “Nanobodies: Natural Single-Domain Antibodies” in Annu. Rev. Biochem. 2013. 82:775–97. VHH: antigen-binding variable domain ...
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Monoclonal Antibodies

Update It was pointed out by OP in a comment that the sequences/structures provided in the db are not antibody but antigen sequences, which I overlooked. Therefore, no clear sequences of the ...
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