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I worked with Bacillus subtilis WB800 and just used 50% glycerol / 50% LB. I imagine the same would work fine with wild-type. I would prepare the glycerol/LB mixture and autoclave it then create the stocks from log-phase (approximately) plate cultures. This method was sufficient for my application (protein expression).


Autoclave is standard, but bleach can be used. In your case, you'll want all the culture media and dish surfaces to have contact with the diluted bleach solution. I would prepare diluted liquid bleach as described in the link below and pour some in a plastic wash tub to a depth where you can put all your petri dishes etc in and have them fully submerged. Let ...


Minor correction first: Bacterial endospores don't result from one cell differentiating into a different cell type. An endospore is not a cell type, but rather a protein structure that first forms inside of a mother cell, carrying all of the necessary machinery and genetic material to remain viable outside of the mother cell and eventually form a new cell ...

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