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Anaerobic respiration, which is used by some Bacteria and some Archaea, is not glycolysis+fermentation. Anaerobic respiration is like aerobic respiration which includes ETC (electron transport chain). Basic difference is the terminal electron acceptor. In aerobic respiration the terminal electron acceptor is oxygen. On anaerobic respiration the terminal ...


It's not like a strain of E. coli that may cause disease in immunosuppressed individuals yet is a part of normal microbiota for other people. Well, actually, it is kind of like that. The answer is complicated, but can be boiled down to, virulent serotypes of Neisseria meningitidis infect susceptible populations. For the short answer, just read between the ...


There is no answer to your question The doubling time of a bacterium is dependent on the conditions: primarily on the temperature and the availability of nutrients, but other factors can apply. Because of this, the doubling time of any particular bacterial strain cannot be considered in the abstract, thus to give a single number we can consider the optimum ...


This study found no difference in the outcome of sauerkraut fermentation with or without iodized salt: There was no clear influence of iodized salt on microbial populations. Stable fermentations were achieved using iodized as well as non-iodized salt.

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