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The answer by @SMcGrew is essentially correct, but let me add a technical term (at least in the context of infectious diseases): the bacteria and viruses a carried by vectors. Since word vector is a kind of overused, even if we limit ourselves to biology, it is also common to be more specific and call the disease vectors. Vectors are classified into ...


As you may have realized, crystal violet can be replaced by a lot of dyes since the ethanol will wash out the dye from the gram negative cells. Methylene blue is a nice choice - malachite green may also work. A weak concentration of hydrochloric acid (3%) is also a possible replacement for the ethanol. A 3% HCl solution is used in the acid-fast stain but it ...


Vibrational-electronic coupling: Vos et al. is most likely, but some have suggested quantum entanglement which would be great if photosynthetic organisms grew at cryogenic temperatures.

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