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Are there any completely, or 'true', Mendelian traits that do not display any polygeny at all?

George Box is credited with the aphorism "All models are wrong, but some are useful" in the context of statistics, but the same concept applies to concepts like Mendelianism which are also ...
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Why choose strawberries for DNA extraction?

There's more than one reason behind the use of strawberries: They are octoploid (8n), so they have eight copies of each chromosome per cell, i.e., there is a lot of DNA to isolate per unit of volume; ...
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Human metabolic pathways involving particular proteins

The Problem There may well be a web facility that allows input of a simple list of enzyme names and outputs a list of associated pathways. However there are two main reasons why this may be hard to ...
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Does the Miller-Urey experiment explain the origin of life?

Answers gets more precise but conclusions are far stretched. Going from amino acids to proteins or peptides (small proteins) is an unsolved problem. In water where they are supposed to be stored, they ...
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