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You're asking for a short answer to an entire field of research. You won't get a comprehensive one that fits in a SE answer. Generally, yes the genes/their products (which are often treated as the same thing in these abstracted models) are the nodes; the causal relationships between them are coded in (typically weighted, directed, bidirectional) edges. In ...


There is no ‘standard’ colour scheme for amino acids in the sense of one recommended by a standards or professional organization for biochemists. There are several schemes used in practice — either by software applications or individuals — based on two main criteria: The properties of the amino acid the colours are intended to indicate The colour choice of ...


Lactate production is a direct measurement of fatigue, also described as tiredness. You may want to consider ATP Synthase production and the results as they relate to temperature and oxygen.


Most of the sleep-deprivation studies I've seen measure cognitive impairment as a way of quantifying sleepiness, similar to some of the metrics taken in drug and alcohol intoxication studies. Here's a recent proof-of-concept study using a phone app designed to measure things like simple attention, arithmetic ability, episodic memory, working memory, and ...

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