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Can a blood type O be born from AB and A parents?

The ABO blood type is controlled by a single gene (the ABO gene) with three types of alleles inferred from classical genetics: i, IA, and IB. The IA allele gives type A, IB gives type B, and i gives ...
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Why is my blood group O -ve?

Humans are diploid organism. So humans have two copies of every chromosome and gene. When a person has B blood. We mean that the blood cells of that person expresses the B antigen. To produce the ...
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Pregnancy from two parents with incompatible blood types, can it lead to complications?

The rhesus factor (the + / - part of the blood group) can cause complications with pregnancy under certain conditions and lead to the so called Rh disease: If the mother is rhesus negative and the ...
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How is the probability of Rh type inheritance calculated?

There are four possible parental genotype combinations (R = Rh+ allele, r = Rh- allele): m f RR RR Rr RR RR Rr Rr Rr Only the last can produce Rh- offspring. ...
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Pregnancy from two parents with incompatible blood types, can it lead to complications?

The only complications that will occur will be in the birth of the second child, and that too if the second child is conceived soon after the birth of the first. Let me explain. Rh factor is an ...
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Why does Anti-A antibodies make type-A blood type clump?

When an antibody meets its antigen it will bind it. So if you add anti-A antibodies to A blood, these antibodies will bind the red blood cells. Because of its Y-shaped form, each antibody can bind two ...
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Blood Group Notation

Those are names of alleles involved in the ABO blood group system. The ā€œIā€ stands for isoagglutinogen which is an antigen that causes agglutination of blood cells when reacting with a specific ...
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Why does the blood not clump and result in death?

Some people do die from graft vs host disease after bone marrow transplants involving ABO incompatibility, but not usually from blood clots. Foreign red blood cells don't usually form significant ...
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What are the priorities of blood group that a person with AB group can recieve?

Blood groups are nothing but the classification of Red Blood Cells based on what particular molecules they have on their surfaces. A person with an A blood group has an A antigen (think of it as a ...
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Why is only the donor's antigen seen during a blood transfusion?

Blood transfusions are done with erythrocyte concentrate and not whole blood. The antibodies are dissolved in the blood plasma. Grafting parts of the donor's immune system by transfusing white blood ...
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Can a blood type O be born from AB and A parents?

Two highly unlikely, yet possible ways this could happen: One extremely unlikely possibility is that grandmother was born O. Grandmother's current A typing could be the result of interplacental stem ...
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How it is possible that blood group shows that a person is not the son or daughter of their parents?

Each person has two alleles for the blood type. The two A and B alleles are dominant. So, you don't need A/A to end up with blood type A, it could also be A/O. Having both A and B results in blood ...
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Why does Anti-A antibodies make type-A blood type clump?

The so-called ABO blood grouping is based on the antigen-antibody reaction, where anti-A antibodies circulating in the plasma will bind to cells possessing antigen-A and cause clumping, or ...
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