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Conifer with red fruit

The basic appearance is consistent with the family Taxaceae, commonly known as the Yew family. Primary indicators are the relatively distinctive shape and color of the arils (the red fleshy bits ...
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Conifer with red fruit

From what I've seen here, in Europa, this definitely looks like some kind of Taxus_baccata (Taxaceae family). It most probably is a Taxus canadensis in Ontario. Also know as (local names): Canada yew, ...
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Caudex vs Xylopodium difference

The New York Botanic Garden gives the definition of xylopodium as: An underground, woody, storage organ derived from stems or roots and common in cerrado vegetation. And the definition of caudex as: ...
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Are fairy rings documented as a growth pattern in ferns?

As this was the only result I could find about Onoclea sensibilis fern ring I wanted to add a reference to a wild fern ring I found of the species. This was found in the fall, 2022, in WV during a ...

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